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Kapha Imbalance : Causes

In last week’s we did peek of all the causes of Vatta dosha & Pitta dosha imbalance. Understating them properly, we now move on to the next and the most important one. It is said that most of the different health issues arising in the 21 centenary are seen due to Kapha Imbalance. Hence it is very important for us to have a proper idea of their causes.

Causes of Kapha Imbalance:

Diet :

Diet according to Ayurveda is such a thing that it can either create a balance in our dosha, or it can create an imbalance. We have seen in other two dosha, how different food items have influenced the dosha.

  • Excess Milk Products: Most of the developed countries love their intake of milk, butter, cheese and many things that revolve around milk products. It is when these products that one tends to intake more than required one might see an imbalance of Kapha dosha. Cheese being the number one culprit in that list is also the most favored here.
  • Excess Fats: Fats just do not mean fats from butter and cheese or oil, but I also means animals fats. Increasing amount of bacon, pork, chicken and lamb products which do contain excess fats in general are seriously bothering one's kapha dosha.
  • Fruits: One might question how come fruits creates imbalance. Well fresh fruits are health again in moderation and if eaten with seasonally. Unluckily in most developed countries one can get all types of fruits 24/7. One more thing that we humans tend to do is freezing certain food and then eat then frozen which is bound to create an imbalance of kapha dosha.

Life style:
  • Eating style: Many people do have a habit to munch or eat little here and there rather than eating properly at given times. Munching as a habit is good, but unluckily the snacks that one chooses for munching if are chosen wrongly like chips, cheeses crackers or even pastries. One is bound to see imbalance of kapha dosha.
  • Lack of Exercise: This is one of another reason for an imbalance of kapha dosha, lack of exercise. Either laziness or just boredom makes one person forget about exercising daily thus showing the imbalance.
  • Late night snacking : One may find this very common in developed countries as compared to the third world .But it is true, late night snacking especially if one eats junk like cakes and pastries or even chips or popcorn with cheese and stuff is bound to have an imbalance of kapha dosha .
  • Video games /X-Box, Computers : Recent years another trend that one can see with imbalance of kapha dosha due to different modern equipments likes computers, video games and X-Box. Many kids tend to devote a huge amount of time to such games thus being very sedentary during the whole day. Also one tends to eat a lot of junk while actually participating in such activities creating more trouble.
  • Spring Season: Winter season is what one may thing that can bring imbalance of Kapha dosha, but it is not. It is spring that would bring the maximum imbalance of the kapha dosha. One may see many issues like cold and sinus issues troubling more and more people during that time.
  • Morning: During the 24 hrs day’s cycle it is the mornings or the Brahma muhurta that are said to be governed by this imbalance of kapha dosha. Thus one needs to be active during the morning; laziness during these hours can create the desired imbalance of kapha.
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