Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christams : Some Thoughts

Just two days away from the day of Christmas. Ohh I am sure each one us have  planned the whole day. Gifts, nice meal, get together with all friends and family. The same festive environment would be in each and every house hold. I had a terrible feeling not to post anything for today as many of you would be busy and enjoying. But as I was thinking about India and festivals , I decided to write a little bit of from the regular topics.
Here are some questions that I would like to ask by you to yourself and then decide how to enjoy this Christmas.
Art of Giving
I am sure you have bough many gifts for all your friends and family member this Christmas. Giving is something that is not that easy I am sure. During my early Child hood in India when it comes to festival the only thing that many families used to share with each other would be fun and happiness. I had friends who could not afford to exchange crazy gifts ... but still it was just the warm fun being with them that made our days. Sometimes it was just a cup of tea that would be shared with friends or some morsel of sweets. But it was worth the gift. It was the love that was really exchanged and nothing else.
 Can you enjoy a Christmas with giving love, happiness and fun rather than any gifts?{I love gifts myself let me be frank with you. Its not gifts that I am against .It is the thought and love that should be in those rather than just being a mechanical event that is my thought}
   The Art of Letting Go
Christmas, Thanksgiving Dinner are more remembered for different quarrels that one have with family members. Even during the whole year one may have grudges, differences with members of the family or even friends.
But can we forget all those and let it go this year?

 As a Health and life style expert I always have a question about how are festivals really can be connected to Health or healthy lifestyle.  They are all about different sweets and desserts and all the rich cuisines that one could think about. Gaining weight sometimes remains the main issue some times during such festivals.

 My thoughts ended with an answer that may be festivals are more to do with the mental health rather than physical health of Humans. Out of 365 days some days one ought to need to enjoy life, one needs to have fun and eat and forget all about diet and restrictions. May be festival are something to do with the Mind of the society. Giving and sharing joy, happiness and love with others all around us. Is this not what an healthy mind really requires.

So this Christmas enjoy with all different food and do not think about what idiots like me says on blogs about health. Give and share Joy if possible, forgive some one that you hold a grudge on and send a nice card. Let all those things that bother you disappear for a moment or two and enjoy life to the fullest.

Merry Christmas!!

  Posted by Sudeep

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1 comments: on "Christams : Some Thoughts"

Ching Ya said...

That's very thoughtful of you. I'm glad you share this with us and have us all reminded about how we should treasure our moments with family, to be joyful and forget about the grudges we had for one another. It's a season of love and joy.

Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year. Thank you so much for the ecard.

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