Tuesday, December 8, 2009

100 and Still Going

Looking Back

Welcome to my 101 post on this blog. Yes yesterday’s post on Chaturanga Dandasana was my 100th post to be submitted since April 2009. It has been a great pleasure to work on this page. This day I would like to take the opportunity to thanks all my readers especially my RSS subscribers, my friends who tweets my post, my friends who read and browse my posts and lastly my unknown friends from stumble upon who stumble my page all the time. Thanks all of you for all your help and guidance.
When I look back for the last 100 post, I have some of my best posts that I am listing today for some of my new readers to browse. Also in this post I have 3 new links to post that are not posted here, but posted on a different channel. I am sure everyone would be glad to read them too.

My 5 best posts on this blog

My 3 best posts on a different channel

Lastly each and every thing on this blog is for the benefit of you my readers. Thus I would also love to hear more from you. Your suggestion would always be cherished and worked on. If you want me to write on certain topic let me know. If you want certain changes in my blog, do let me know. I am soon in a process of giving a new design to this blog. If anyone has any thoughts, they are welcome.
Friends stumble, tweets, digg, reddit, add on your Orkut or any other social bookmark any of this page if you like any of the topic. That help would be really appreciable. Thanks once again for your contribution of this websites success. Looking forward to hear from you all

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1 comments: on "100 and Still Going"

Sheila said...

Congratulations on your 100th post.

I love coming to your blog. When ever some one in my family has something wrong I search your site first for a remedy.


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