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Vatta Imbalance : Causes

Last week I had a chance to speak about imbalance of Tri dosha. How it does happen and how does it affects. From today I said that we would be discussing and looking in dept why and what makes a particular dosha to increase or decrease. As said last week normally the causative factors depends on three main factors food intake, lifestyle, and atmosphere or season. I would try my level best to make one understand why does those factor creates imbalance in the next few posts.

Causes of Vatta Imbalances

Food /Diet:
  • Leafy vegetables, Cabbage: Full of minerals though good for humans they create some sort of erosion increasing the dryness in human body which in due course create vatta imbalance.
  • Corn, Beans like chickpeas, kidney beans: An excellent source of protein beans store small amount of gaseous in them thus creating bloating or flatulence after digestion. This excess air remains the major cause of imbalance of vatta.
  • Bread: To understand this keep bread in a petri-dish and add water. One would see how fast bread absorbs the water, becoming very moist and sticky. The same example if taken in context to our body, makes one think why one get thirsty a lot after eating bread. The dryness or rukstha that is effect of eating bread which is why imbalance of Vatta could be seen.
Food Habits:

It is not just what food that one eat cause imbalance of Vatta dosha. Even they way one eats food can effect on the doshas too .Here are some of the known causes.
  • Fast: Though fasting is good for one person, still one may find that it creates a lot of emptiness in one’s body. Thus if one fast too much one might notice imbalance of vata in the body.
  • Eat fast: Have you notice that some people eat too slow or fast than others. If you are one of those who eat too fast, you are bound to engulf a lot of air thus creating imbalance of Vatta in the body.

Certain seasons do affect the overall imbalance of different Doshas. It is not restricted just too seasons but even certain timing of the day can matter for changes in the doshas.
  • Rainy Season: Normally in rainy season one could see imbalance of vatta in one’s body.
  • Evening/Night: It is the night time of the day that one could see imbalance of vatta troubling the body.
Next week Pitta Imbalance

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