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Understanding Imbalance of Tri- Dosha

Up till now we have covered on every Friday some of the basic fundamental principle of Ayurveda. Each week we tried to write some simple question that one would be thinking when reading or listening to an Ayurveda books or notes or lecture. We read about The Theory of Tri Dosha , Theory of Pancha Mahabhoots. Few weeks we have been following the signs and symptoms of fluctuation of the primary forces in our body namely called as “Doshas”.

Imbalance of Doshas

We saw that the forces that govern our body or also called as Doshas, that can be elevated or decreased leading to different symptoms. But what govern that increase and decrease. How can one say that this and this caused Vatta Imbalance?

To understand this simple question one need to look deep in the fundamentals of Ayurveda. Let me describe me this question in a different way. How would one know your light bulb has electricity .One could not see electricity , but still one can feel it that electricity is there .First by sight , if my mistake one touches then even by touch one may feel the heat and a sudden current passing through one’s hand . Now this is how one knows the presence /an absence of electricity. It is not the actual object {electricity} that one could see, but that its properties would tell you about it. Increase of its properties means increase of it; decrease of the properties means decrease of it.

This same principle could be applied to the doshas too. Increase of the properties of a particular dosha means increase of the dosha . And this increase or decreases of properties are all because of different reason that provokes this fluctuation.

Let us take an example to understand this: Say we feel that our body is dry, and thus our Ayurvedic Vaidya would say to you that it’s a increase in Vatta dosha may because of may be “rukshata” or dryness which is known property of Vata dosha . Know it might happen that the person is in taking a lot of things that are too much dry in nature increasing the overall property in one‘s body thus creating this condition .

Understand that each and everything in our universe do have some properties. Properties like heat, dryness, coolness in their own way would either increase or decrease those same properties in one’s body thus affecting the person. Thus it’s very important to understand simple things in our life to understand what properties that one would increase or decrease it because of it .Thus resulting in changes in our Doshas.

For our next three Friday’s we would be covering all the basic causes of imbalance of each doshas. Till then enjoy reading on Ayurveda.

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