Monday, November 23, 2009


Locust Position

Bhujangasana or Cobra position was just the beginning of different asanas one can do lying flat on one’s stomach. In today’s post we would see yet another post in the same style as of last week. “Salabhasana”.

“Salabha” means Locust in Sanskrit. The name of this asana is derived from the way a locust a insect do sit. It is very common to name different positions according to names from nature to note a particular behavior.

How to do this position:

1] Lie flat on abdomen, arms on the side rested, legs straight behind and chin resting on the floor. Hands should not touch the body, they must be on the side.

2] Now slowly inhale in and exhaling out, lift you head and both the hands and legs simultaneously as high as possible. You are currently resting just on your lower ribs, abdomen and the upper thigh area .

3] Keep your arms raised above the floor level. Keep the legs extended and raised as much as possible.

4] Keep your eye sight in front gazed, so to feel conformable holding this position.

5] Hold the position for some time; keep on breathing in and out slowly. Do not forget that.


1] Make sure both hands and feet’s are above ground when one does this position.
2] For beginners one should just lift the legs and concentrate on it and then start working on lifting both hands and the feet.
3] Make sure one is not bearing the weight of body on hands or shoulder. It has to be distributed on the abdomen.
4] People suffering with headache, spinal injuries, and neck injuries should either avoid doing this position or try it with some proper instruction with your teacher.


1] Aids digestion, relives constipation and gaseous.
2] Strengthen abdominal muscles, if one does this position for a long time.
3] Persons suffering with slip disc if done for a long time with ease can see notable change with their suffering.
4] Beneficial for even those who have issues with prostrate and bladder conditions.
5] Help relives stress.


Its known work is one the Manipur chakra or the solar plexus.

Posted By Sudeep

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