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Pitta Imbalance : Causes

Last week we had a chance to look at different causes of Vatta Imbalance. Seasons, lifestyle, food habits and different food combination where covered in that post. Today we would see different causes of Pitta dosha imbalance. What are the reasons that this dosha increase or decrease in our body.
Causes of Imbalance of Pitta Dosha

Food /Diet:
  • Beans: Yellow lentils or also known as turdal is known for its beneficial values. But if these lentils are eaten in excess or eaten daily, one may see some signs of Pitta dosha increase in the body.
  • Spices: Most of the spices like cloves, black pepper, jalapenos, and chillies are known for their strong action. They are hot as a lay man would say and enjoys. But still the dark side of these hot spices are that they create high acidic level in the body causing what Ayurveda believes as Pitta Imbalance.
  • Mustard: Though used in small amount in Asia, the use of mustard is extensive in the North American belt. Mustard sauce on chicken, burgers and hot dogs are loved and cherished by all generations. According to Ayurveda mustard is known for its property to increase the heat in the body which means it creates an imbalance of the Pitta dosha.
  • Fruits: Normally all fruits are said to have a very positive effect on Pitta dosha. All fruits normally calm the pitta dosha expect very few. Too sour fruits like sour oranges, kiwi can disturb the balance of Pitta dosha .Ohh and one fruits has to be mentioned separately that can really trouble and increase pitta dosha . It is called as Papaya. This fruit by nature is said to increase the heat in the body, thus said by herbologist to not eat this fruit when pregnant. Heat means imbalance of Pitta can be seen because of Papaya for sure.
Lifestyle /Food Habits:

We do have certain habits that are known to disturb the balance of different doshas .Here are some habits that can imbalance Pitta .
  • Excessive drinking of tea or coffee : Indulge in excessive tea ,coffee or alcohol one is bound to suffer with either heart burns or acid reflux or pain in the chest. All are the signs of imbalanced Pitta dosha .
  • Late night: It has recently been seen many people who works in a night shift tend to see an increase trend of facing heartburn and gastric regurgitation. All signs are known of pitta imbalance. It is true that less sleep or constantly shifting of timing might create imbalance of vatta and pitta dosha .
  • Eating left over or frozen: Normally when one freeze a food or eat left over’s, one may notice different health issues. Such foods are normally devoid of prana or they are over cooked thus losing important minerals. They also when eaten could create health issues like burps and gastric reflux sometimes.Thus it is clear that they might cause imbalance in pitta .
  • Fall Season: According to Ayurveda one may see imbalance of Pitta during the fall season.
  • Afternoon: When the sun is on the top of one's head is when one’s pitta changes its balance and can get imbalanced
Next week Kapha Dosha Imbalance

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