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How to Stay Healthy during Christmas !!

We just enjoyed Halloween in Canada, and soon the Americans would be enjoying their Thanksgiving. For the Indian they had Diwali finishing recently and I am sure it must have been fun. A recent question from a health lover initiated this blog post actually .He asked me one day “How should I be healthy and still enjoy such Festival times”? It’s hard to enjoy and still be healthy he complained. Well his question definitely started thoughts in my mind which came up with the following ideas. Here they are....

1] Food Habits:

Here are days when one do not or can hardly follow some of the regular ways of dieting or eating. It is really hard in that way. One cannot say no when someone offers a nice dessert on such days. Hey at least I would not resist such offers. But it would be nice if we choose whenever we are going to make dinner or lunch healthy. Can we choose a good option for ourselves when making plans for a dinner at home Look out for a nice organic turkey {grain feed} with no stuffing’s in it for Thanksgiving. Have fresh vegetables a lot during such days too in your diet . Simple ideas like this can be a little difficult to find, but still can be worth your health. The moral is its still November and one has time to decide. Make sure you visit the local market not once but as many time as one wants and search for some good healthy options for all your parties.

2] Fasting:

We have spoken about fasting on this blog before.{Read more here }. I do not want to repeat its importance. But do not you think a nice fast may be excellent to do if you had a heavy meal the night before at your friend’s house. You are subjected to many feasts during such festivals, and one cannot resist the temptation of eating and drinking too. Eat it and enjoy it, but do not forget to rest your stomach the next day. See the energy one may get during such fasting .

3] Warm water:

A simple glass of warm water every day either in the morning or in the evening can be bless full during such crazy times. Now one may wonder why and how it can help .Well even after advising all this food habits hey one is still bound to eat something crazy and the best way to detoxify easily and quickly is by just drinking a glass of warm water in day. Warm water can help our stomach to throw away a lot of toxins from the body, thus keeping us healthy .Though not that effective, but still has its own magic for that time.

4] Exercise /Sports/Outdoor activities:

Well well it’s very important for one to plan for exercise routine at least few times a week during such seasons. Go out to gym with your partner, if not friends but do not miss .Make it a habit from now!! If you feel it’s too much then why not go out for a nice walk or stroll after a heavy meal. Thanks giving meals, Christmas meals, dinner invitation can take a toile one's health , but a nice walk can help a lot not only in relieving you , but also help you exercise a little bit. Relative do visit your houses ... plan some outdoor games and have fun .Health and fun would go hand in hand then.

5] Breathing Exercise:

Though known as the season of fun, many women’s and as well as men’s find such seasons more to stressful .Thus has been a necessary of such seasons not only care about your physical side , but also look out for your mental fitness too.
Deep breathing can help your issues. Ohh no no do not need to go for yoga classes and stuff .Well if you have time it’s always good to do , but if not then just either in the morning or in the night time make sure you perform deep abdominal breathing or Pranayama. It would work magic at least would help decrease the crazy stress from your mind.
Festivals are ways that one comes closer and closer with our friends and relatives .They are meant for our mental and emotional health. Make sure you get 100 % from those days and be fit and fine.

Happy Festivals !!

Posted By Sudeep

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