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How to Control Diabetes

5 Known and Proven Home based Remedies

November is known in the medical world as Diabetes Awareness month. On 14 November WHO celebrates this day as World Diabetes day. An estimate of 220 million people all around the world suffer from this diseases. And we all know that this number is constantly increasing a fact that has been confirmed by World Health Organisation.
Understanding this fact, I know personally how hard it is to live with diabetes. In this article we try to discuss some of the steps that can help such individuals to live life happily. Certain lifestyle changes, herbs, dietary modification and that all it take to make one live peace fully with Diabetes.

First Tip: Eat Healthy and proper Interval.

Well if you are suffering from this disease one is quite aware of the fact that one should eat properly and at regular interval. What is important here is what one eats at proper interval.
Many people I know off are ok eating just frozen meals and snacks or even junk in between. Here is where I beg to differ.
Healthy does not means frozen meals or pre-cooked frozen entree. Would they give sufficient nourishment is a doubt? What about all the preservatives in those packets. Lack of life or prana or chi is what bothers any Natropath or Vaidya from recommending this diet. Instead try eat fresh vegetables , fresh fruits {yes they are OK }, meat { not meat products } and milk and other products.
Check the difference one feels after eating this food as compared to the others .

Second Tip: Exercise /Walk Daily

The importance of exercise has been known from time long for a diabetic person. Even in the ancient texts of Ayurveda it has said that one need to exercise a lot to control Diabetes. In recent scientific world numerous research articles have supported that sheer fact. Exercise not just help in burning the calories, but also helps our body to throw away lot of toxins.
One may wanted to at least spend one to two hours in exercise like swimming, treadmill, jogging or even walking. Leisure walk could also make a lot of difference for any diabetic person in keeping one Healthy.

Third Tip : Go for Yoga

Is it the new fad or what I do not care, Yoga for all diseases? But true to its ancient roots yoga do have answers for keeping one's diabetes at bay. Yogis and research team in India are positive with the results of yoga nidra {deep relaxation meditation} effects of controlling the blood sugar level. Read this paper here.

Many yogic teachers have advised different asana that can help one to keep diabetes. Here are some of the recommended asanas for diabetes:

1] Ardha matsyendrasana 2] Halasana 3] Pavan Muktasana
4] Dhanurasana 5] Surya Namsakar or Sunsalutation.

It is said that these asanas have positive effect on pancreas and insulin functioning. Yes but do not miss the facts that one need to hold every posture for a longer time to get actual benefits.

Fourth Tip: Keep away from Bad Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is one of the big changes that I ask my clients to do when suffering from diabetes. Let me tell you one thing yes they can vouch on that how big difference one can notice by just cutting down on white bread.
White bread ,cookies , croissants are all nice bakery items that one cannot resists , but they also are those items which can increase one’s blood sugar value like anything .Be careful of those , if possible avoid them as much as possible . I am not against all Carbs , millet's, quinoa, Kamuet and some whole wheat pitta can be good for diabetes patients . Try them in your diet and see the difference for yourself.

Fifth Tip: Spice your life a little bit

In Ayurveda many herbs and vegetables have been recommended to keep diabetes in control. Most of them have been known for its properties to reduce blood sugar or enhance the functioning of the pancreas. Some of the herbs that one can take in to consideration are
1] Bitter Melon or Bitter Gourd
2] Fenugreek
3] Bay Leaf.
4] Turmeric
5] Amala or Indian Goose Berry.

Try these herbs in your day to day life either in cooking as a herbal tea or just as a substitute. All the herbs have known value in helping a diabetic person. Most of them work on keeping the blood sugar under control; while some of them also help the pancreas to function properly.

Right Diet, Right Lifestyle, Mental balance are the three support that one can look out and trust when one suffers from any diseases . I am sure you all would agree on this.

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