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The Cow Face Pose

Our last pose was a boom for pregnant women’s for sure ."Baddha Konasana" has been time long been used by women’s to ease labor. I am sure many of you may have tried that pose before and are still trying to be the best and achieve the perfect position. In today's post we would see an asana which has its benefits for all those people who work a lot
on computers and on offices . So check this position now.

Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose:

"Gomukhasana" is also called as "Cow Face Pose". The word "Go" which means "Cow” in Sanskrit, while "Mukh" means face thus “Cow face position” .The way our face and our upper body remains is the main reason why this pose is called so . Let us see in which way we need to attend this pose.

How to do Gomukhasana :

1] Sit in our normal sitting position, spine straight and erect, and both the legs straight in front. Our face should be in straight line .
2] Bend the left leg and slide it below the right leg to reach the right hip area.
3] Slowly now cross the right leg above the left leg bringing the right foot closer to the left hip.
4] Inhale in and then slowly stretch your right arm slowly up in air straight , now slowly turn it in and then bend the right arm in elbow so that it can reach behind your back from. The elbow joint should be pointing the ceiling during this position .And the hand should be somewhere near the neck region.

5] Again inhale in and slowly lift the left arm and bending and twisting the arm near the elbow, slowly bring it behind the back from below the shoulder .It crosses all the back in one way and then slowly try to reach the right hand fingers .If is it possible try to hook with each other .
6] If fingers from both the hands are tucked in, try to pull each hand towards the opposite side of the other hand. This will give one a nice pull and stretch.
7] Try to hold
this pose at least for 1 to 2 minutes, after which one may come out of this pose.
8] Try the same pose in the opposite way too.


1] Now I completely understand it’s not that simple pose to attend it .Thus it’s not in one sitting that one may attend this pose. Or it might
happen that sometimes one may find one can reach from the left side and not the right side. It is ok, but do not give it up. Try hard!
2] The hand that comes from above needs to stretch a little more towards the ceiling to achieve this pose .It might be added benefit if one keeps the
neck a little straight and spice erect.
3] In the beginning many refer to use a blanket or something to get hold of both hands, it’s up to you to make use of prop. Try and try one may attend the pose.


1] Hey if you are 8 hours on computer this pose would be the best for you to wake you up and stretch your muscles of your back and neck region. Do not do the full just do the upper body part of the asana and see the benefits.
2] Awakening the brain and the upper shoulder region as increased blood flow in that area.
3] Stretch the arms, shoulder, fingers, thighs ,knees, toes completely in this position .


This asana has its effects on "Svadhistana Chakra”.

Posted By Sudeep
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2 comments: on "Gomukhasana" said...

Again, another great Yoga pose. I am curious though Sudeep! Do you recommended a general rule of thumb for how long a pose should be help for? Also, is there any flexibility benefit in holding the pose for say 1 minute vs for 3 minutes? 

vdsudeep said...

No rule of thumb for holding the pose for 3 min or 1 min. To Understand that one need to understand the basic word Asana .It means a position to be where one is comfortable . So any position that one takes one should be comfortable for well lts start with just one or two minutes do not you agree .

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