Monday, November 30, 2009


Bow Pose

Last week we saw how to perform Locust pose. Though not that easy, but still we are sure that it should have worked well on the spine. In today’s post we would try to have a look on how to perform Dhanurasana or Bow pose.
When one completes this pose, the whole body represents the imaginary picture of a bow which in Sanskrit it called as “Dhanu” .Thus the name of this pose as Bow pose or “Dhanurasana”.

How to do this pose:

1] Start this asana with the whole body being on the mat, lying down full length, face down, hands apart from the body, legs together.

2] Inhale in and exhaling slowly raise both the leg up from the knee joint. Extend both the arms behind, so that both hands try to hold each ankle. Try holding the left ankle by left hand and the right ankle by the right hand.

3] Breath in and out and then exhaling out slowly with the help both the hands slowly raise rest of the legs up and also the chest off the ground . The arms and then hands acts as a bowstring attach to the bent of the bow.

4] The whole body weight is now on the abdomen as the head is also up .Make sure you lift the head as further as possible.

5] As one takes the position, now hold this position for some time .At least till you is comfortable.


  1. OK one needs to be a little pro to do this pose for sure .But even if you are not make sure you practice Bhujanagasana and Salbahasana before you do this pose.
  2. If suffering with any spinal injuries, one needs to be careful thus it is advisable to do this pose under proper guidance .
  3. While raising the legs do not join them at the knee joints.
  4. In this pose breathing would be faster than normal, yes do not worry it is normal.
  5. Head and the eyes should be looking straight ahead of you all the time.


  1. Brings elasticity to the spine and tones the abdominal muscles.
  2. Expand the chest and open the solar plexuses.
  3. Stretches the whole body from the finger tip to the toe.
  4. According to Yogi Iyengar guided practice of this pose can benefit those who suffer with slip disc issue, if done daily for some time.


Its known work is one the Manipur chakra or the solar plexus.

Posted By Sudeep

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Great Post Sudeep. I think that my readers will find this posting great for improving spinal flexibility and mobility. Thxs...

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