Friday, November 6, 2009

Decreased Kapha Dosha : Signs and Symptoms

Last week in Ayurveda 101 we had a peek about how one would react when having depleted Pitta dosha . This week concluding this series of decrease doshas we would see the effects of depletion of Kapha dosha on the body.

1] Bramaha:

Bramaha is a Sanskrit word that can be translated in English as some sort of dizziness. When a person shown signs of Kapha decrease he might get a little dizzy. One need to understand that kapha is the dosha that according to Ayurveda balances the whole body in equilibrium .Thus if this equilibrium is lost due to decrease kapha , one is bound to feel dizzy.

2] Shunyta:

Feeling of emptiness or shunyta in Sanskrit is a common feeling that one may notice when kapha dosha is depleted. Kapha dosha is a binder/holder in our body; it acts like a force that helps two molecules to be together. If this force has been reduced one may notice the feeling of emptiness too.

3] Hrudrava:

The beating of heart or palpation increases when kapha is increased. In Sanskrit we call this as Hruddrva .According to Ayurveda it’s a role of particular sub group of kapha dosha to protect and see that the functioning of the heart goes on properly. If we see a decrease in this, it’s normal to see some increase in palpitation too.

4] Shlathsandhi:

The union of two molecules in the body is due to the forces of Kapha dosha. Same is in the case of union of two or more bones which forms different joints in the body. One may notice significant changes in those joints if these molecules that hold them get decreased. One may see cracking of the joints and pain when in moment which in Ayurveda is called as "Shalthsandhi".

5] Rukshata:

The most important property that we saw when reading about Kapha dosha was being moist and slimy. What happens when this two qualities gets depleted, one would imagine a sense of dryness that would be created .Yes dryness or Ruksta in Sanskrit would be seen in an individual who faces decrease in kapha dosha all over the body,starting with skin , inner organs etc.

6] Antardaha:

It is with the help of kapha that one would be feeling cool internally, even in the presence of inner fire or Pitta .But if this same dosha has been reduced one could feel the inner heat easily and thus one could face with antardaha or internal heat.

One can easily understand that some of the changes that the body goes during decrease kapha are very similar to increase Vatta .Thus it remains very important that one visit there local Vaidya to decide on that rather than self analysis.

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