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Cobra pose
For the last few days we have been dealing with asanas which were in either standing or sitting position. From today we would try and explain some of the positions that one can do lying down position. Normally the benefit of such positions works either on the spine or the abdomen of our body. Though our arms ,thighs could see some effects.

"Bhujangasana" or Cobra pose is called because of the position one takes. “Bhujang” in Sanskrit means snake. This is a typically position snakes especially like cobra take. The tilt of the head in this position is similar to the raised hood of the snake when it attacks its prey. Thus the name as Cobra pose.

How To Do Cobra Pose:

1] Lie down in position where one's face is facing the floor, probably one’s chin is touching the floor. Keep the legs extended, but make sure both the feet are together. Toes should be pointing, while the knees should be tight. Make sure one's elbow is hugged in your body and not coming out.

2] Keep the palms of the hand on the side of both the shoulders. Palms and the shoulder should be in the same line or parallel to each other.

3] Inhale in and slowly press the palms firmly, lifting the body slowly first the neck and then the trunk until the pubis stays in contact with the floor .

3] Stay in that position, with contracted anus and buttocks, but do not tighten it too much .Keep in breathing.

4] Maintain the pose for some time.

5] Exhale and bend the elbow and rest the body on the ground slowly with chin touching the ground again to rest .Repeat this pose for some times when you try.


1] Be very careful lifting the whole body on the palms. It has to be slow motion rather than a quick one.

2] This exercise is good for those who have spinal issue, but still a word of advice .For those suffering from spinal issue make sure you have someone to guide you through this exercise always.

3] Do not forget to inhale and exhale when you are in the position.

4] Pregnant women, headache, carpel tunnel syndrome are some of the issues where the client should not try this exercise.

5] Lastly for new doers do not over do the back bend, be careful.


1] This is the best asana for any back pain problem especially caused by excessive driving, sitting in a uncomfortable position or regular sitting.
2] Doing this exercise helps a lot with sciatica pain .
3] Stretches the spine.
4] Stimulates the abdomens thus increasing appetite and also helps to releives constipation.
5] Awakens kundalini .

Chakra Effect:

This asana is known to work on all chakra especially as it stimulates kundalini. Its known work is one the Manipur chakra or the solar plexus.

Posted By Sudeep
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Hi Sudeep. Great posting on this pose. I tweeted it to my follows. I think that they can benefit greatly from this posture. Keep up the great work.

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