Monday, November 9, 2009

Ardha Matsyendra Asana

Half Lord of the Fish Pose

Today we come to see and experience another great pose that could help us to work on our posture. Last week we had a chance to do the Gomukhasana which works really well on the upper back and the neck region. In today's post we would see an asana which would help to stretch our lower back and well another catch is that one can attend mental clarity too after doing this position.

This pose is named after a great yogi named as “Matsyendrasana”. It is said that this pose was taught for the first time by a fish who wanted to take the life of a human. Thus the name “matsya” a Sanskrit word for Fish. Also because those who practice this position can see results with one's mind or power of mind which in Sanskrit means "endra” .Thus the combination of word “Matsyendrasana”. “Ardha” means half in Sanskrit as this position is just done half side of the body.

How to do the position:

1] We start this pose by sitting in position that we have normally taken for “Gomukhasana”. Sit straight, both the legs straight in front, spine erect and eyes in front .Both the hands are kept on the side of the body, if needed on the floor.

2] We begin now with bending the left leg first in the knee joint .Slowly place the left foot over the right knee on the side of the right thigh. The left foot touching the ground near the right thigh is now.

3] Now fold the right knee and bring it in such a way that it comes under the side of the left buttocks. This remains your pose to actual start the asana.

4] Now slowly twist your chest in such a way that your right hand comes to the left side of the twisted left thigh. It is like the hand is trying to catch some thing on the left side.

5] Your head is pointing backward at this time and the other hand is still rested on the ground.
Make sure one hold the pose for some times at least for a minute or two .


1] This pose is not recommended for those who suffer with spinal injuries. Expert guidance is suggested if one finds this pose a little hard and suffers with pain when doing this pose.

2] The spine should be kept straight all the time when doing this pose. Also make sure that the shoulders are in level too all the time.

3] Being a new twist, beginners should try this pose without twisting the legs and just try the spine twist and then try the complete pose. Try doing it on a chair works well try it .


1] As said before it is an asana to awaken the mind. When one does this pose the first result that one can see is awakening or freshening of the mind is achieved.

2] This pose is really good for back pain due to continues sitting on a office chair. Good for all those who have a job sitting on a chair for long hours

3] Some yogis do say that it is a good pose to awaken the kundalini .

4] Stretches the hips, neck and the shoulders.

5] Works very well on the sciatica.

Chakra effects:

This asana works really well on “Anahat chakra” or the Heart chakra.

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