Wednesday, November 25, 2009

5 Spices for Upcoming Holidays !!

Holidays + Spice = Fun + Health

Holiday season like Thanksgiving and Christmas are normally loaded with lots of dishes full of sweets. Pastries, cakes, cookies, doughnut, cakes and different pies the list goes on and on. One might be a little concerned about the Health part of you and your family. Well let me tell you how to enjoy this season of holidays eating sweets with tinge of health to it.

Here are five herbs that can be used in your cooking this season:

1] Ginger:

Ginger is known spice when it comes to Holiday cooking. We make ginger snaps or even ginger cookies or bread from time long. Is it just the flavor that one needs to enjoy this season? Read this article on Ginger here.
Ginger is known as one of the best nature’s anti inflammatory herb. Holidays not just bring lots of cooking, but also lots of shopping which can make one person having back pains and stomach issues .Ginger would be the best herb to use then.

Tip: Add Ginger to your tea the next time you make it and enjoy the warmth of Ginger.

2] Cinnamon:

The use of Cinnamon though being very new, but this herb is known all over the world for its aroma. Cinnamon not only gives a nice aroma to your desserts or coffee, it also gives a ton of benefits when consumed. Recent study recorded amazing benefits of this spice on type 2 Diabetes. According to researcher in West Virginia cinnamon is experienced through the nose [smell] and through mouth [taste] can have positive effect on cognitive performance including memory. Well wish for a holiday time that can boost memory too try Cinnamon.

Tip: Add this spice as a garnish on some sweet bread or even cakes.

3] Cloves:

Cloves have been known both as a spice and an herb for generations. During the early ages cloves where used to make pomander to tie around the Christmas tree. Pomander is combination of aromatic herbs mixed so as the spread nice aroma in the house. Another reason for cloves in this may be because of its warm nature. In aroma therapy it is said that cloves could give stimulation or warming especially for digestive problems. Recent researcher have found that cloves can also help in reducing blood sugar and cholesterol especially the bad one .Worth a try .

Tip: Add this spice to your stuffing or Rice this holiday season.

4] Nutmeg:

Nutmeg is not new to coffee lovers especially in Starbucks. It’s very common now days to have a cappuccino or a latte with some nutmeg in it. Here is a herb that is known for its work on nervous system. Anxiety, stress bother even our holidays well for most of us. Not just moods , but even some times extensive feasting might bother your stomach with dysentery .Try this herb and all would be in control.

Tip: Make Hot chocolate with a pinch of nutmeg .

5] Cardamom:

Known as spice not just in Indian cooking, but this herb is famous also in the kitchen of many Nordic nations like Finland. Cardamom is known for its medical use especially for the lungs and upper respiratory issues. Throat irritation, congestion of lungs and even some herbologist use this herb for tuberculosis and emphysema.

Tip: Making bread or dessert or pudding .Add this spice and see the magic.
Happy Thanks Giving for all Americans
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