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Bow Pose

Last week we saw how to perform Locust pose. Though not that easy, but still we are sure that it should have worked well on the spine. In today’s post we would try to have a look on how to perform Dhanurasana or Bow pose.
When one completes this pose, the whole body represents the imaginary picture of a bow which in Sanskrit it called as “Dhanu” .Thus the name of this pose as Bow pose or “Dhanurasana”.

How to do this pose:

1] Start this asana with the whole body being on the mat, lying down full length, face down, hands apart from the body, legs together.

2] Inhale in and exhaling slowly raise both the leg up from the knee joint. Extend both the arms behind, so that both hands try to hold each ankle. Try holding the left ankle by left hand and the right ankle by the right hand.

3] Breath in and out and then exhaling out slowly with the help both the hands slowly raise rest of the legs up and also the chest off the ground . The arms and then hands acts as a bowstring attach to the bent of the bow.

4] The whole body weight is now on the abdomen as the head is also up .Make sure you lift the head as further as possible.

5] As one takes the position, now hold this position for some time .At least till you is comfortable.


  1. OK one needs to be a little pro to do this pose for sure .But even if you are not make sure you practice Bhujanagasana and Salbahasana before you do this pose.
  2. If suffering with any spinal injuries, one needs to be careful thus it is advisable to do this pose under proper guidance .
  3. While raising the legs do not join them at the knee joints.
  4. In this pose breathing would be faster than normal, yes do not worry it is normal.
  5. Head and the eyes should be looking straight ahead of you all the time.


  1. Brings elasticity to the spine and tones the abdominal muscles.
  2. Expand the chest and open the solar plexuses.
  3. Stretches the whole body from the finger tip to the toe.
  4. According to Yogi Iyengar guided practice of this pose can benefit those who suffer with slip disc issue, if done daily for some time.


Its known work is one the Manipur chakra or the solar plexus.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Pitta Imbalance : Causes

Last week we had a chance to look at different causes of Vatta Imbalance. Seasons, lifestyle, food habits and different food combination where covered in that post. Today we would see different causes of Pitta dosha imbalance. What are the reasons that this dosha increase or decrease in our body.
Causes of Imbalance of Pitta Dosha

Food /Diet:
  • Beans: Yellow lentils or also known as turdal is known for its beneficial values. But if these lentils are eaten in excess or eaten daily, one may see some signs of Pitta dosha increase in the body.
  • Spices: Most of the spices like cloves, black pepper, jalapenos, and chillies are known for their strong action. They are hot as a lay man would say and enjoys. But still the dark side of these hot spices are that they create high acidic level in the body causing what Ayurveda believes as Pitta Imbalance.
  • Mustard: Though used in small amount in Asia, the use of mustard is extensive in the North American belt. Mustard sauce on chicken, burgers and hot dogs are loved and cherished by all generations. According to Ayurveda mustard is known for its property to increase the heat in the body which means it creates an imbalance of the Pitta dosha.
  • Fruits: Normally all fruits are said to have a very positive effect on Pitta dosha. All fruits normally calm the pitta dosha expect very few. Too sour fruits like sour oranges, kiwi can disturb the balance of Pitta dosha .Ohh and one fruits has to be mentioned separately that can really trouble and increase pitta dosha . It is called as Papaya. This fruit by nature is said to increase the heat in the body, thus said by herbologist to not eat this fruit when pregnant. Heat means imbalance of Pitta can be seen because of Papaya for sure.
Lifestyle /Food Habits:

We do have certain habits that are known to disturb the balance of different doshas .Here are some habits that can imbalance Pitta .
  • Excessive drinking of tea or coffee : Indulge in excessive tea ,coffee or alcohol one is bound to suffer with either heart burns or acid reflux or pain in the chest. All are the signs of imbalanced Pitta dosha .
  • Late night: It has recently been seen many people who works in a night shift tend to see an increase trend of facing heartburn and gastric regurgitation. All signs are known of pitta imbalance. It is true that less sleep or constantly shifting of timing might create imbalance of vatta and pitta dosha .
  • Eating left over or frozen: Normally when one freeze a food or eat left over’s, one may notice different health issues. Such foods are normally devoid of prana or they are over cooked thus losing important minerals. They also when eaten could create health issues like burps and gastric reflux sometimes.Thus it is clear that they might cause imbalance in pitta .
  • Fall Season: According to Ayurveda one may see imbalance of Pitta during the fall season.
  • Afternoon: When the sun is on the top of one's head is when one’s pitta changes its balance and can get imbalanced
Next week Kapha Dosha Imbalance

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

5 Spices for Upcoming Holidays !!

Holidays + Spice = Fun + Health

Holiday season like Thanksgiving and Christmas are normally loaded with lots of dishes full of sweets. Pastries, cakes, cookies, doughnut, cakes and different pies the list goes on and on. One might be a little concerned about the Health part of you and your family. Well let me tell you how to enjoy this season of holidays eating sweets with tinge of health to it.

Here are five herbs that can be used in your cooking this season:

1] Ginger:

Ginger is known spice when it comes to Holiday cooking. We make ginger snaps or even ginger cookies or bread from time long. Is it just the flavor that one needs to enjoy this season? Read this article on Ginger here.
Ginger is known as one of the best nature’s anti inflammatory herb. Holidays not just bring lots of cooking, but also lots of shopping which can make one person having back pains and stomach issues .Ginger would be the best herb to use then.

Tip: Add Ginger to your tea the next time you make it and enjoy the warmth of Ginger.

2] Cinnamon:

The use of Cinnamon though being very new, but this herb is known all over the world for its aroma. Cinnamon not only gives a nice aroma to your desserts or coffee, it also gives a ton of benefits when consumed. Recent study recorded amazing benefits of this spice on type 2 Diabetes. According to researcher in West Virginia cinnamon is experienced through the nose [smell] and through mouth [taste] can have positive effect on cognitive performance including memory. Well wish for a holiday time that can boost memory too try Cinnamon.

Tip: Add this spice as a garnish on some sweet bread or even cakes.

3] Cloves:

Cloves have been known both as a spice and an herb for generations. During the early ages cloves where used to make pomander to tie around the Christmas tree. Pomander is combination of aromatic herbs mixed so as the spread nice aroma in the house. Another reason for cloves in this may be because of its warm nature. In aroma therapy it is said that cloves could give stimulation or warming especially for digestive problems. Recent researcher have found that cloves can also help in reducing blood sugar and cholesterol especially the bad one .Worth a try .

Tip: Add this spice to your stuffing or Rice this holiday season.

4] Nutmeg:

Nutmeg is not new to coffee lovers especially in Starbucks. It’s very common now days to have a cappuccino or a latte with some nutmeg in it. Here is a herb that is known for its work on nervous system. Anxiety, stress bother even our holidays well for most of us. Not just moods , but even some times extensive feasting might bother your stomach with dysentery .Try this herb and all would be in control.

Tip: Make Hot chocolate with a pinch of nutmeg .

5] Cardamom:

Known as spice not just in Indian cooking, but this herb is famous also in the kitchen of many Nordic nations like Finland. Cardamom is known for its medical use especially for the lungs and upper respiratory issues. Throat irritation, congestion of lungs and even some herbologist use this herb for tuberculosis and emphysema.

Tip: Making bread or dessert or pudding .Add this spice and see the magic.
Happy Thanks Giving for all Americans
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Monday, November 23, 2009


Locust Position

Bhujangasana or Cobra position was just the beginning of different asanas one can do lying flat on one’s stomach. In today’s post we would see yet another post in the same style as of last week. “Salabhasana”.

“Salabha” means Locust in Sanskrit. The name of this asana is derived from the way a locust a insect do sit. It is very common to name different positions according to names from nature to note a particular behavior.

How to do this position:

1] Lie flat on abdomen, arms on the side rested, legs straight behind and chin resting on the floor. Hands should not touch the body, they must be on the side.

2] Now slowly inhale in and exhaling out, lift you head and both the hands and legs simultaneously as high as possible. You are currently resting just on your lower ribs, abdomen and the upper thigh area .

3] Keep your arms raised above the floor level. Keep the legs extended and raised as much as possible.

4] Keep your eye sight in front gazed, so to feel conformable holding this position.

5] Hold the position for some time; keep on breathing in and out slowly. Do not forget that.


1] Make sure both hands and feet’s are above ground when one does this position.
2] For beginners one should just lift the legs and concentrate on it and then start working on lifting both hands and the feet.
3] Make sure one is not bearing the weight of body on hands or shoulder. It has to be distributed on the abdomen.
4] People suffering with headache, spinal injuries, and neck injuries should either avoid doing this position or try it with some proper instruction with your teacher.


1] Aids digestion, relives constipation and gaseous.
2] Strengthen abdominal muscles, if one does this position for a long time.
3] Persons suffering with slip disc if done for a long time with ease can see notable change with their suffering.
4] Beneficial for even those who have issues with prostrate and bladder conditions.
5] Help relives stress.


Its known work is one the Manipur chakra or the solar plexus.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Vatta Imbalance : Causes

Last week I had a chance to speak about imbalance of Tri dosha. How it does happen and how does it affects. From today I said that we would be discussing and looking in dept why and what makes a particular dosha to increase or decrease. As said last week normally the causative factors depends on three main factors food intake, lifestyle, and atmosphere or season. I would try my level best to make one understand why does those factor creates imbalance in the next few posts.

Causes of Vatta Imbalances

Food /Diet:
  • Leafy vegetables, Cabbage: Full of minerals though good for humans they create some sort of erosion increasing the dryness in human body which in due course create vatta imbalance.
  • Corn, Beans like chickpeas, kidney beans: An excellent source of protein beans store small amount of gaseous in them thus creating bloating or flatulence after digestion. This excess air remains the major cause of imbalance of vatta.
  • Bread: To understand this keep bread in a petri-dish and add water. One would see how fast bread absorbs the water, becoming very moist and sticky. The same example if taken in context to our body, makes one think why one get thirsty a lot after eating bread. The dryness or rukstha that is effect of eating bread which is why imbalance of Vatta could be seen.
Food Habits:

It is not just what food that one eat cause imbalance of Vatta dosha. Even they way one eats food can effect on the doshas too .Here are some of the known causes.
  • Fast: Though fasting is good for one person, still one may find that it creates a lot of emptiness in one’s body. Thus if one fast too much one might notice imbalance of vata in the body.
  • Eat fast: Have you notice that some people eat too slow or fast than others. If you are one of those who eat too fast, you are bound to engulf a lot of air thus creating imbalance of Vatta in the body.

Certain seasons do affect the overall imbalance of different Doshas. It is not restricted just too seasons but even certain timing of the day can matter for changes in the doshas.
  • Rainy Season: Normally in rainy season one could see imbalance of vatta in one’s body.
  • Evening/Night: It is the night time of the day that one could see imbalance of vatta troubling the body.
Next week Pitta Imbalance

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How to Control Diabetes

5 Known and Proven Home based Remedies

November is known in the medical world as Diabetes Awareness month. On 14 November WHO celebrates this day as World Diabetes day. An estimate of 220 million people all around the world suffer from this diseases. And we all know that this number is constantly increasing a fact that has been confirmed by World Health Organisation.
Understanding this fact, I know personally how hard it is to live with diabetes. In this article we try to discuss some of the steps that can help such individuals to live life happily. Certain lifestyle changes, herbs, dietary modification and that all it take to make one live peace fully with Diabetes.

First Tip: Eat Healthy and proper Interval.

Well if you are suffering from this disease one is quite aware of the fact that one should eat properly and at regular interval. What is important here is what one eats at proper interval.
Many people I know off are ok eating just frozen meals and snacks or even junk in between. Here is where I beg to differ.
Healthy does not means frozen meals or pre-cooked frozen entree. Would they give sufficient nourishment is a doubt? What about all the preservatives in those packets. Lack of life or prana or chi is what bothers any Natropath or Vaidya from recommending this diet. Instead try eat fresh vegetables , fresh fruits {yes they are OK }, meat { not meat products } and milk and other products.
Check the difference one feels after eating this food as compared to the others .

Second Tip: Exercise /Walk Daily

The importance of exercise has been known from time long for a diabetic person. Even in the ancient texts of Ayurveda it has said that one need to exercise a lot to control Diabetes. In recent scientific world numerous research articles have supported that sheer fact. Exercise not just help in burning the calories, but also helps our body to throw away lot of toxins.
One may wanted to at least spend one to two hours in exercise like swimming, treadmill, jogging or even walking. Leisure walk could also make a lot of difference for any diabetic person in keeping one Healthy.

Third Tip : Go for Yoga

Is it the new fad or what I do not care, Yoga for all diseases? But true to its ancient roots yoga do have answers for keeping one's diabetes at bay. Yogis and research team in India are positive with the results of yoga nidra {deep relaxation meditation} effects of controlling the blood sugar level. Read this paper here.

Many yogic teachers have advised different asana that can help one to keep diabetes. Here are some of the recommended asanas for diabetes:

1] Ardha matsyendrasana 2] Halasana 3] Pavan Muktasana
4] Dhanurasana 5] Surya Namsakar or Sunsalutation.

It is said that these asanas have positive effect on pancreas and insulin functioning. Yes but do not miss the facts that one need to hold every posture for a longer time to get actual benefits.

Fourth Tip: Keep away from Bad Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is one of the big changes that I ask my clients to do when suffering from diabetes. Let me tell you one thing yes they can vouch on that how big difference one can notice by just cutting down on white bread.
White bread ,cookies , croissants are all nice bakery items that one cannot resists , but they also are those items which can increase one’s blood sugar value like anything .Be careful of those , if possible avoid them as much as possible . I am not against all Carbs , millet's, quinoa, Kamuet and some whole wheat pitta can be good for diabetes patients . Try them in your diet and see the difference for yourself.

Fifth Tip: Spice your life a little bit

In Ayurveda many herbs and vegetables have been recommended to keep diabetes in control. Most of them have been known for its properties to reduce blood sugar or enhance the functioning of the pancreas. Some of the herbs that one can take in to consideration are
1] Bitter Melon or Bitter Gourd
2] Fenugreek
3] Bay Leaf.
4] Turmeric
5] Amala or Indian Goose Berry.

Try these herbs in your day to day life either in cooking as a herbal tea or just as a substitute. All the herbs have known value in helping a diabetic person. Most of them work on keeping the blood sugar under control; while some of them also help the pancreas to function properly.

Right Diet, Right Lifestyle, Mental balance are the three support that one can look out and trust when one suffers from any diseases . I am sure you all would agree on this.

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P.S: On this month please if you know any one who suffers with Diabetes ,please forward this article to them so that they can get some benefit from it . Stumble it, twit it ,digg it , if possible.
Your contribution would be well rewarded with good Karma for you and your family .


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Cobra pose
For the last few days we have been dealing with asanas which were in either standing or sitting position. From today we would try and explain some of the positions that one can do lying down position. Normally the benefit of such positions works either on the spine or the abdomen of our body. Though our arms ,thighs could see some effects.

"Bhujangasana" or Cobra pose is called because of the position one takes. “Bhujang” in Sanskrit means snake. This is a typically position snakes especially like cobra take. The tilt of the head in this position is similar to the raised hood of the snake when it attacks its prey. Thus the name as Cobra pose.

How To Do Cobra Pose:

1] Lie down in position where one's face is facing the floor, probably one’s chin is touching the floor. Keep the legs extended, but make sure both the feet are together. Toes should be pointing, while the knees should be tight. Make sure one's elbow is hugged in your body and not coming out.

2] Keep the palms of the hand on the side of both the shoulders. Palms and the shoulder should be in the same line or parallel to each other.

3] Inhale in and slowly press the palms firmly, lifting the body slowly first the neck and then the trunk until the pubis stays in contact with the floor .

3] Stay in that position, with contracted anus and buttocks, but do not tighten it too much .Keep in breathing.

4] Maintain the pose for some time.

5] Exhale and bend the elbow and rest the body on the ground slowly with chin touching the ground again to rest .Repeat this pose for some times when you try.


1] Be very careful lifting the whole body on the palms. It has to be slow motion rather than a quick one.

2] This exercise is good for those who have spinal issue, but still a word of advice .For those suffering from spinal issue make sure you have someone to guide you through this exercise always.

3] Do not forget to inhale and exhale when you are in the position.

4] Pregnant women, headache, carpel tunnel syndrome are some of the issues where the client should not try this exercise.

5] Lastly for new doers do not over do the back bend, be careful.


1] This is the best asana for any back pain problem especially caused by excessive driving, sitting in a uncomfortable position or regular sitting.
2] Doing this exercise helps a lot with sciatica pain .
3] Stretches the spine.
4] Stimulates the abdomens thus increasing appetite and also helps to releives constipation.
5] Awakens kundalini .

Chakra Effect:

This asana is known to work on all chakra especially as it stimulates kundalini. Its known work is one the Manipur chakra or the solar plexus.

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Understanding Imbalance of Tri- Dosha

Up till now we have covered on every Friday some of the basic fundamental principle of Ayurveda. Each week we tried to write some simple question that one would be thinking when reading or listening to an Ayurveda books or notes or lecture. We read about The Theory of Tri Dosha , Theory of Pancha Mahabhoots. Few weeks we have been following the signs and symptoms of fluctuation of the primary forces in our body namely called as “Doshas”.

Imbalance of Doshas

We saw that the forces that govern our body or also called as Doshas, that can be elevated or decreased leading to different symptoms. But what govern that increase and decrease. How can one say that this and this caused Vatta Imbalance?

To understand this simple question one need to look deep in the fundamentals of Ayurveda. Let me describe me this question in a different way. How would one know your light bulb has electricity .One could not see electricity , but still one can feel it that electricity is there .First by sight , if my mistake one touches then even by touch one may feel the heat and a sudden current passing through one’s hand . Now this is how one knows the presence /an absence of electricity. It is not the actual object {electricity} that one could see, but that its properties would tell you about it. Increase of its properties means increase of it; decrease of the properties means decrease of it.

This same principle could be applied to the doshas too. Increase of the properties of a particular dosha means increase of the dosha . And this increase or decreases of properties are all because of different reason that provokes this fluctuation.

Let us take an example to understand this: Say we feel that our body is dry, and thus our Ayurvedic Vaidya would say to you that it’s a increase in Vatta dosha may because of may be “rukshata” or dryness which is known property of Vata dosha . Know it might happen that the person is in taking a lot of things that are too much dry in nature increasing the overall property in one‘s body thus creating this condition .

Understand that each and everything in our universe do have some properties. Properties like heat, dryness, coolness in their own way would either increase or decrease those same properties in one’s body thus affecting the person. Thus it’s very important to understand simple things in our life to understand what properties that one would increase or decrease it because of it .Thus resulting in changes in our Doshas.

For our next three Friday’s we would be covering all the basic causes of imbalance of each doshas. Till then enjoy reading on Ayurveda.

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How to Stop Smoking!!

Since my days in University smoking was the most common past time of most of my friends. Well why doctors do not smoke!! Who said so? From those days I have tried my level best to try and help those friends who would like to cross the wall and come to the non smokers section. And experience tells me that yes it’s really hard. Even when in Canada I had friends who asked for help, somewhere successful, some where unsuccessful. I can tell you one thing before I start this post. It is YOU that is going to start or end this habit, neither me nor is your doctor or hypnotherapist or anyone else responsible for this habit to be broken. So if you have taken a decision to stop smoking, well then we can help you.

Ways to Quit Smoking

Normally a person goes through these 3 or 4 ways to stop smoking. I am sure many of you have tried and tested those ideas over a while.Does not mean that they are of less important. It is the use of these ideas and uses them with the other supplementary ideas to achieve total independence from Smoking. Can you achieve that?

1] Cold Turkey {Stop that Now!!!}

One of the most common and hardest methods used to quit smoking. This has been used by many and mixed results. In this method one just decides day when he /she wants to quit smoking and just stops then. Though sounds easy, the person actually goes through a lot of cravings and withdrawal syndrome. Sheer will power and determination is required for such drastic method.

2] Smoke free day / days or slow quitting:

Slow Quitting or smoke free days is very common method used to complete stop smoking . A person just has to decide a day/days in a week not to smoke. Slowly and slowly the person increases such type of no smoking days.
Though a good idea this method does not works all the time. Stress and other issues just compile a person to smoke some times. Procrastinator are the worst to follow such style of quitting smoke.

3] Nicotine Patches/Tablets :

Another tried idea for smokers to stop smoking is to use nicotine patches or tablets when actually stop smoking. Though a nice idea , but personally I do not think so that one is doing any good other than just trying to take the same amount of nicotine in a different way . I normally refuse to believe in this method of quitting.

With these three ideas one can be helped to quit smoking. To give good success here are some more ideas that can help a person to follow the above three style whichever they choose.

1] Acupuncture:

"Acupuncture is a procedure of inserting and manipulating fifiform needles into various points on the body to relive pain or for therapeutic purpose” Wikipedia. Many people do use this method for either to stop the cravings or the withdrawal symptoms. Results are completely dependable upon the person who undergoes the treatment.

2] Hypnosis:

Another tested method by many people is to go to an hypnotherapist and work on the problem of quitting to smoke. Here the therapist slowly works on your unconscious mind to give results. Many have seen results, many have not see then too .Not bad for a try right.

3] Knowing you body/mind well:

My personal favorite suggestion when one comes to quit smoking is to go for number one that is cold turkey. But with that it is very important to understand our body /mind well. Each one of us is used to habits of our day to day life. We smoke when we drive alone, after finishing a nice lunch or dinner, after having sex. Know these areas of your daily life and then slowly try to replace those places with something else. Eating carrots, chewing gum or walking or working out are some of the options that can fill those areas of cravings.

4] Keep your Mind Occupied:

When it comes to addiction, one needs to work on one’s mind rather than the body. For that one needs to make sure you are busy, your mind is busy all the times when you drive, listen to an interesting book to keep your mind busy. When alone try to work something for the mind.
Puzzles /Sudoku can help you so would board games and reading .

5] Yoga:

Asana, Pranayama , Pratyahara some of the basic principles of yoga would help a person a lot in to diverting and giving strength to one's mind. What could be best in those crazy days than some simple work out with different poses . Simple breathing exercise, stretches can help a lot in one’s effort to quit smoking.

6] Stay away from smoking areas or friends who smoke :

It is very important that one should stay away even from the smell of the smoke as much as possible. I do not mean to break friends, but well at least till you break the habit, it would be nice to keep away from those friends who smoke. It is always nice for your wife to quit too when you are quitting. Actually results are more positive in that way.

7] Try /Try /Try:

Lastly we are humans and Humans do make errors. So do not blame anyone or yourself that you started to smoke again well it was just a one. One need to try again and again .Because we all know that Rome was not build in a day.So let us try till we succeed .

Refer :

Canadian Lung association : How to Quit Smoking

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Ardha Matsyendra Asana

Half Lord of the Fish Pose

Today we come to see and experience another great pose that could help us to work on our posture. Last week we had a chance to do the Gomukhasana which works really well on the upper back and the neck region. In today's post we would see an asana which would help to stretch our lower back and well another catch is that one can attend mental clarity too after doing this position.

This pose is named after a great yogi named as “Matsyendrasana”. It is said that this pose was taught for the first time by a fish who wanted to take the life of a human. Thus the name “matsya” a Sanskrit word for Fish. Also because those who practice this position can see results with one's mind or power of mind which in Sanskrit means "endra” .Thus the combination of word “Matsyendrasana”. “Ardha” means half in Sanskrit as this position is just done half side of the body.

How to do the position:

1] We start this pose by sitting in position that we have normally taken for “Gomukhasana”. Sit straight, both the legs straight in front, spine erect and eyes in front .Both the hands are kept on the side of the body, if needed on the floor.

2] We begin now with bending the left leg first in the knee joint .Slowly place the left foot over the right knee on the side of the right thigh. The left foot touching the ground near the right thigh is now.

3] Now fold the right knee and bring it in such a way that it comes under the side of the left buttocks. This remains your pose to actual start the asana.

4] Now slowly twist your chest in such a way that your right hand comes to the left side of the twisted left thigh. It is like the hand is trying to catch some thing on the left side.

5] Your head is pointing backward at this time and the other hand is still rested on the ground.
Make sure one hold the pose for some times at least for a minute or two .


1] This pose is not recommended for those who suffer with spinal injuries. Expert guidance is suggested if one finds this pose a little hard and suffers with pain when doing this pose.

2] The spine should be kept straight all the time when doing this pose. Also make sure that the shoulders are in level too all the time.

3] Being a new twist, beginners should try this pose without twisting the legs and just try the spine twist and then try the complete pose. Try doing it on a chair works well try it .


1] As said before it is an asana to awaken the mind. When one does this pose the first result that one can see is awakening or freshening of the mind is achieved.

2] This pose is really good for back pain due to continues sitting on a office chair. Good for all those who have a job sitting on a chair for long hours

3] Some yogis do say that it is a good pose to awaken the kundalini .

4] Stretches the hips, neck and the shoulders.

5] Works very well on the sciatica.

Chakra effects:

This asana works really well on “Anahat chakra” or the Heart chakra.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Decreased Kapha Dosha : Signs and Symptoms

Last week in Ayurveda 101 we had a peek about how one would react when having depleted Pitta dosha . This week concluding this series of decrease doshas we would see the effects of depletion of Kapha dosha on the body.

1] Bramaha:

Bramaha is a Sanskrit word that can be translated in English as some sort of dizziness. When a person shown signs of Kapha decrease he might get a little dizzy. One need to understand that kapha is the dosha that according to Ayurveda balances the whole body in equilibrium .Thus if this equilibrium is lost due to decrease kapha , one is bound to feel dizzy.

2] Shunyta:

Feeling of emptiness or shunyta in Sanskrit is a common feeling that one may notice when kapha dosha is depleted. Kapha dosha is a binder/holder in our body; it acts like a force that helps two molecules to be together. If this force has been reduced one may notice the feeling of emptiness too.

3] Hrudrava:

The beating of heart or palpation increases when kapha is increased. In Sanskrit we call this as Hruddrva .According to Ayurveda it’s a role of particular sub group of kapha dosha to protect and see that the functioning of the heart goes on properly. If we see a decrease in this, it’s normal to see some increase in palpitation too.

4] Shlathsandhi:

The union of two molecules in the body is due to the forces of Kapha dosha. Same is in the case of union of two or more bones which forms different joints in the body. One may notice significant changes in those joints if these molecules that hold them get decreased. One may see cracking of the joints and pain when in moment which in Ayurveda is called as "Shalthsandhi".

5] Rukshata:

The most important property that we saw when reading about Kapha dosha was being moist and slimy. What happens when this two qualities gets depleted, one would imagine a sense of dryness that would be created .Yes dryness or Ruksta in Sanskrit would be seen in an individual who faces decrease in kapha dosha all over the body,starting with skin , inner organs etc.

6] Antardaha:

It is with the help of kapha that one would be feeling cool internally, even in the presence of inner fire or Pitta .But if this same dosha has been reduced one could feel the inner heat easily and thus one could face with antardaha or internal heat.

One can easily understand that some of the changes that the body goes during decrease kapha are very similar to increase Vatta .Thus it remains very important that one visit there local Vaidya to decide on that rather than self analysis.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to Stay Healthy during Christmas !!

We just enjoyed Halloween in Canada, and soon the Americans would be enjoying their Thanksgiving. For the Indian they had Diwali finishing recently and I am sure it must have been fun. A recent question from a health lover initiated this blog post actually .He asked me one day “How should I be healthy and still enjoy such Festival times”? It’s hard to enjoy and still be healthy he complained. Well his question definitely started thoughts in my mind which came up with the following ideas. Here they are....

1] Food Habits:

Here are days when one do not or can hardly follow some of the regular ways of dieting or eating. It is really hard in that way. One cannot say no when someone offers a nice dessert on such days. Hey at least I would not resist such offers. But it would be nice if we choose whenever we are going to make dinner or lunch healthy. Can we choose a good option for ourselves when making plans for a dinner at home Look out for a nice organic turkey {grain feed} with no stuffing’s in it for Thanksgiving. Have fresh vegetables a lot during such days too in your diet . Simple ideas like this can be a little difficult to find, but still can be worth your health. The moral is its still November and one has time to decide. Make sure you visit the local market not once but as many time as one wants and search for some good healthy options for all your parties.

2] Fasting:

We have spoken about fasting on this blog before.{Read more here }. I do not want to repeat its importance. But do not you think a nice fast may be excellent to do if you had a heavy meal the night before at your friend’s house. You are subjected to many feasts during such festivals, and one cannot resist the temptation of eating and drinking too. Eat it and enjoy it, but do not forget to rest your stomach the next day. See the energy one may get during such fasting .

3] Warm water:

A simple glass of warm water every day either in the morning or in the evening can be bless full during such crazy times. Now one may wonder why and how it can help .Well even after advising all this food habits hey one is still bound to eat something crazy and the best way to detoxify easily and quickly is by just drinking a glass of warm water in day. Warm water can help our stomach to throw away a lot of toxins from the body, thus keeping us healthy .Though not that effective, but still has its own magic for that time.

4] Exercise /Sports/Outdoor activities:

Well well it’s very important for one to plan for exercise routine at least few times a week during such seasons. Go out to gym with your partner, if not friends but do not miss .Make it a habit from now!! If you feel it’s too much then why not go out for a nice walk or stroll after a heavy meal. Thanks giving meals, Christmas meals, dinner invitation can take a toile one's health , but a nice walk can help a lot not only in relieving you , but also help you exercise a little bit. Relative do visit your houses ... plan some outdoor games and have fun .Health and fun would go hand in hand then.

5] Breathing Exercise:

Though known as the season of fun, many women’s and as well as men’s find such seasons more to stressful .Thus has been a necessary of such seasons not only care about your physical side , but also look out for your mental fitness too.
Deep breathing can help your issues. Ohh no no do not need to go for yoga classes and stuff .Well if you have time it’s always good to do , but if not then just either in the morning or in the night time make sure you perform deep abdominal breathing or Pranayama. It would work magic at least would help decrease the crazy stress from your mind.
Festivals are ways that one comes closer and closer with our friends and relatives .They are meant for our mental and emotional health. Make sure you get 100 % from those days and be fit and fine.

Happy Festivals !!

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Monday, November 2, 2009


The Cow Face Pose

Our last pose was a boom for pregnant women’s for sure ."Baddha Konasana" has been time long been used by women’s to ease labor. I am sure many of you may have tried that pose before and are still trying to be the best and achieve the perfect position. In today's post we would see an asana which has its benefits for all those people who work a lot
on computers and on offices . So check this position now.

Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose:

"Gomukhasana" is also called as "Cow Face Pose". The word "Go" which means "Cow” in Sanskrit, while "Mukh" means face thus “Cow face position” .The way our face and our upper body remains is the main reason why this pose is called so . Let us see in which way we need to attend this pose.

How to do Gomukhasana :

1] Sit in our normal sitting position, spine straight and erect, and both the legs straight in front. Our face should be in straight line .
2] Bend the left leg and slide it below the right leg to reach the right hip area.
3] Slowly now cross the right leg above the left leg bringing the right foot closer to the left hip.
4] Inhale in and then slowly stretch your right arm slowly up in air straight , now slowly turn it in and then bend the right arm in elbow so that it can reach behind your back from. The elbow joint should be pointing the ceiling during this position .And the hand should be somewhere near the neck region.

5] Again inhale in and slowly lift the left arm and bending and twisting the arm near the elbow, slowly bring it behind the back from below the shoulder .It crosses all the back in one way and then slowly try to reach the right hand fingers .If is it possible try to hook with each other .
6] If fingers from both the hands are tucked in, try to pull each hand towards the opposite side of the other hand. This will give one a nice pull and stretch.
7] Try to hold
this pose at least for 1 to 2 minutes, after which one may come out of this pose.
8] Try the same pose in the opposite way too.


1] Now I completely understand it’s not that simple pose to attend it .Thus it’s not in one sitting that one may attend this pose. Or it might
happen that sometimes one may find one can reach from the left side and not the right side. It is ok, but do not give it up. Try hard!
2] The hand that comes from above needs to stretch a little more towards the ceiling to achieve this pose .It might be added benefit if one keeps the
neck a little straight and spice erect.
3] In the beginning many refer to use a blanket or something to get hold of both hands, it’s up to you to make use of prop. Try and try one may attend the pose.


1] Hey if you are 8 hours on computer this pose would be the best for you to wake you up and stretch your muscles of your back and neck region. Do not do the full just do the upper body part of the asana and see the benefits.
2] Awakening the brain and the upper shoulder region as increased blood flow in that area.
3] Stretch the arms, shoulder, fingers, thighs ,knees, toes completely in this position .


This asana has its effects on "Svadhistana Chakra”.

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