Monday, October 19, 2009

Upavista Konasana

The Straddle /Wide angle seated position

Welcome again to another Monday with Yoga 101 . As we advance further one may find certain asanas to be difficult and not that easy to perform .But understand that it’s the effort one put in such asanas what counts in the end. The exact position may be reached may be after few years of practice .To do as perfect as possible is the goal here.

In today's article we would see one more asana in sitting position called as "Upavista Konasana ", also known as the "Wide angle seated Forward bend ".Also known as The Straddle position. The word "Upavista " means seated and as seen before "Kona" means angle in Sanskrit .

How to do it?

1] Sit on the floor with legs stretched straight in front. Spine straight, head straight .Eyes fixed on the toes.
2] Now slowly widen the distance between both legs slowly as much as one can do .As we keep both the legs stretched in extension, make sure that our back of the leg is touching the ground and not lifted.
3] Keep both the hands in front of your body on the ground.
4] Inhale in and exhaling lean forward with spine straight, eyes fixed. Let your hands walk the ground as one lean forward .Make sure you keep the body weight eventually disturbed.
5] If possible try to let your nose touch the ground.
6] Hold the position for at least one to 2 min in the beginning or more in the further stage .

For experts:
7] For experts one may want to hold with both hands each toes of each leg and then bend down so one can touch the nose to the ground.


1] Its very important that you be very careful while bending.
2] Also make sure as said before the back of the legs need to be always in touch with the floor. No
lifting of the legs while doing the position for comfort .
3] Concentrate on breathing in and out might help you to reach your destiny in this position.
4] Be careful if one has heart problems or high blood pressure.


1] A really good stretch for the hamstrings.
2] Increases the blood flow towards the pelvic region.
3] In doing so it’s a good preventative measure for prevention of Hernia growth.
4] Doing this asana for women’s, help them to regularize the menstrual flow .Also does stimulate the ovaries in the long run.
5] Increase flexibility to the inner thighs, mobility to the hip joints and strengthens the back.

Chakara effect:
This asana has its effects on "Svadhistana Chakra”.

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