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Seated Forward Bend

Last week we read about a nice asana to work on hamstrings called as Janu Sirsasana .Today we would have just another variation of the same asana called as "Pachimottanasana". Normally in a regular class I would do the Janu Sirsanasana and then do this asana . The asana prior helps the body to be a little flexible and thus makes students work with this asana easily.
“Pashima” means the west, The back of the body from the head to heel in one of the terminology in Sanskrit is called the pashima ,like the posterior in modern terminology . This is the position where one works on stretching the whole back thus its importance in calling “Pashimottanasana".
Another word for asana is “Ugrasana” or “Brahmacharyasana” .

How to do this position?

1] Sit on the floor with stretched legs , same way as we started "Janu Sirsasana".Spine should be erect , neck , back straight , hands on the side .
2] Inhale in and then as you exhale out slowly extend your hands and catch the toes, as you bend on your back.
3] As it becomes easy, make a further grip on the soles, and rest the chin on the knees.
4] Now understand that, this is not that easy position as it’s written. It takes patience and effort to make this position happen in its whole stage.
5] The final goal is to make the chin touch the knee joint and be in that position for a long time, as long as you can hold the position.
6] Inhale, raise the head from the knees and then relax and breathe in and out... to be comfortable.


1] Make sure you are very carefully when bending and doing this position , those who have trouble with back issues ... make sure one be careful while doing this topic .
2] It is very important to do this asana slow... do not hurry or rush in doing or attaining this position , might hurt your back .


1] Toning the abdominal muscles, organs and keep them free from sluggishness.
2] Works good on massaging all the internal organs of the abdomen, gonads.
3] Known work on keeping one's sex appetite in control... thus names as Brahmacharayasana.
4] Works in stretching the muscles and the ligaments of the lower back, lower abdomen.

Chakra Effect:

This asana has its effects on "Svadhistana Chakra”.

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2 comments: on "Paschimottanasana"

Ching Ya said...

It's impossible. I won't be able to make it, may need to break a few bones in the process. I can't even pronounce the word right. ^^

vdsudeep said...

Ching Ya ,
  Do not you know that Impossible is the word not found in dictonary . Well it should not be impossible , if you give it a try .
Well Rome was not build in a day , so is this position .One would not get this position right imedialty , it will take time and patience for sure . But worth a try rather than not trying at all ...

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