Monday, October 5, 2009

Janu Sirsasana

Knee to Head position

Last week in yoga we did a simple, but yet another complicated asana for some namely called as"Vajrasana". Hope many have found it interesting and yet easy to do ... Please let us know if anyone had some doubts or suggestion or had some different ideas while performing the asana. Hope so that what one might think can help others to in doing the positions perfect .In today's post we would start working with some light stretches in sitting position .We hope that you would enjoy them and try them yourself every day if possible. Today we should do the “Janu Sirsasana”.

" Janu " means the knee in Sanskrit , while "Sirsa " is referred to as the head . A position where one brings his head towards his knee in a sitting position is called as "Janu Sirsasana".

How to do the Asana ?

1] To start this asana one has to sit with both the legs stretched straight in front, spine erect, hands on the side, face looking straight in front, neck straight.
2] In this position we first fold our left leg in our knee joint and bring the foot closer to the inner right thigh and keep it closer touching to the right inner thigh.
3] Slowly taking a long deep breathe we then slowly extended our arms trying to catch the right big toe.
4] Care should be taken that the right knee should not be in stretched position throughout the asana. No Bends.
5] At the same time one should slowly then bend our back and try to touch our nose to the knee joint of the right knee.
6] Once one attends this position, one should try to inhale in and out and continue to hold this position for some time.
7] Slowly come out this position and then do it again on the other side.


1] When teaching this position, many students enjoy cheating by just bringing the knee joint up... and thus can reach their fingers to the toes easily. My word of advice is not to try that.
2] Its important to slowly bend as many times either doing this position wrong or doing it forcefully would lead to some ligament tear or bruise...
3] Breathe at proper time... that is important here in this position.
4] Back problem please make sure you have your teacher guiding you for this position.


1] Improves the flexibility of the hamstrings.
2] Strengthen the back, especially the sacrum area.
3] Action of forward bending squeezes the abdomen and thus helps digestion.
4] Works magic on liver, spleen, kidneys...
5] A very beneficial asana for those suffering from Prostate enlargement.

Chakras :

This asana has its effects on "Svadhistana Chakra”.

Posted by Sudeep

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1 comments: on "Janu Sirsasana" said...

Great work Sudeep in clearly explaining how to perform this pose/posture correctly and the benefits associated with it. We incorporate many elements of yoga (postures and breathing) into our daily routine. I am looking forward to reading more posts. 

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