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Increased Pitta Dosha : Signs and Symptoms

Last week we have seen how one can say that his Vatta dosha has been increased in one's body. As a particular dosha gets elevated in one's body, one would immediately see how it would affect and show some signs . It is very important to understand the signs and symptoms of increase doshas as they might help us, they are like early manifestation of diseases in many cases.

Pitta Dosha Increase:

With increase of Pitta in one's body, one would see first and foremost an increase in all its properties or "Gunas " one would say . Here is what would happen as soon as Pitta dosha increases.

1] Pitvenmutranetratwak :
The first signs given by increase pitta dosha are also a sign of fatal diseases namely called as Jaundice. Yellow urine, eyes, skin and stools or also called as in Sanskrit
"Pitvenmutranetratwak ".
Increased pitta dosha does increases heat in one’s body thus disturbing the normal functioning of the blood, creating this condition .If to be explained in normal lay man words.

2] Sudha (hunger):
Pitta increase would show an increase in hunger or appetite of a person for sure. We saw before in pitta dosha ... that pitta is responsible for digestion and increase pitta would also increase digestion, thus one would see increased hunger.

3] Trut(Thirst):
Increased Pitta would also show increases thirst in one too. Understand that pitta dosha is the dosha which has the highest heat in all dosha ... if that is increased the heat is going to increase thus to cool the body is going to ask for more and more water ... thus the reflex of being thirsty all the time would be seen.

4] Daha -Santap( Burning sensation):
Again increase pitta is going to result in increase heat and thus this increased heat would trouble the skin in one way or other... which means it would create the sensation of burning all over the body or a specific part .This is called as Daha or Santap in sanskrit .

5] Sheetkamitva( cooling ):
One’s body tends to ask for cooling substance or effect all the time when one see's increase pitta in the body .This is called as "sheetkamitva" .

6] Murcha (unconsciousness):
This is the most elevated stage of increase pitta and not so seen all the time in humans, unless not cared or attended with medical care. Due to increase Pitta one would see, due the heat affecting the body, mind and the heart... it brings unconsciousness... This has been in seen in Jaundice cases when one would see hepatic coma... which is exactly similar to increase pitta in one's system resulting in coma.

Next week we would see the last dosha namely Kapha dosha .

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