Friday, October 9, 2009

Increased Kapha Dosha : Signs and Symptoms

Last week in the current series of Ayurveda 101, we saw what happens when Pitta dosha increases. Today’s post we would see the effects of Kapha Dosha increasing in our body. As discuss before dosha when they increase in our body, they are bound to show some signs which are somewhat warning signs of early disease or trouble you may call. One has to be careful to understand this signs and symptoms to take care of oneself for healthy living.

Increased Kapha Dosha :

1] Agnisadan: Decreased appetite is what this Sanskrit word stands for. Due to increase kapha dosha the first sign that would be seen is definitely decreased appetite. Kapha dosha is represented by the properties of being heavy , cold, slow .When increased all this properties are going to be in excess in our body thus causing the following issues.

2] Alasya : Laziness or alasya another sign of increase kapha dosha , again its due to increased properties of kapha namely heaviness , slow . One would feel to be very lazzy in nature, one urge to work, to do something suddenly is decreased due to such increase kapha .

3] Gaurav : We have been discussing this for the last two and we are bound to see it .. a feeling of heaviness is seen in one's body due to increased kapha dosha . Its not that the weight of the person has increased, its the feeling of being heavy that one may find that bothers.

4] Swetya : Due to increase kapha one ought to see the colors of nails , eyes ,urine ,fecal material to be a little whitish or swetya in Sanskrit .

5] Shaitya : Due to increase kapha , pitta would be decreased in the body thus the both would be craving for heat ... thus constantly a feel of coldness would be seen in a person with increased kapha ... or shaitya .

6]Shlatangata :
Increase of fats around some specific parts of the body can been seen after some months of actual increase kapha dosha ... which is termed as shlatangata .

7] Atinidra : Due to increase heaviness , loss of energy one may see increase sleep in such individuals which is termed as atinidra in Sanskrit .

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