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Having Fever ?

Lifestyle advice when suffering from Fever

Winter is just around the corner in Canada, and the temperature dropping low slowly .Flu season is said to be around. Many of my friends have already suffered with some kind of flu or fever in the last few days. While they suffer and I tried to heal them I notice some things, some misconceptions regarding the nature on how they deal with fever. Some lifestyle adjustments which are commonly confused too .In today’s article we would try to discuss those pointers and look around for some kind of an explanation in what is the right way during such fevers to do ..

1] Rest:

When one has a fever, it clearly is a sign by the physically body saying that it is tired and needs rest. In one way our body is trying to speak with us and telling us to relax and calm down and rest for a while. Thought this being the case, many of us refuses to relax and still keep working. Many of us are up in their feet as soon the fever is gone. They are lucky as their body can withstand that, but not all the time and many times you hear the fever being back after some interval .This has to be blamed for lack of rest given by the individual to himself .What do you think? REST..... is must when in and after fever for some time .

Ohh by the way rest does not mean watching the idiot box or computers or blackberry or playing games... just to let you know!!!!

2] Fast the first day and then Eat light when in fever:

Normally our family doctor advises us to eat whatever one can other than junk food and fried food in fever. Practically I do not think so that happening ... why? Here are my thoughts... you decide if that is right for your or not .When one has fever ,one would notice that the appetite gets low , not only that our mouth has a bitter taste .Thus one tend not to eat at all . Well we in Ayurveda recommends fast for the first day of fever for sure. Fasting not only helps you to build the appetite but also works in destroying the toxins which are the causes of the fever too. (Know more on fasting from my old articles HERE). One can slowly start to eat after one or two days of fast in small bites and at a regular interval. Different part of the world has different habits, some like their chicken noodle soup, others like the "khanjee" others enjoy small soup of vegetables or "khicadhi" too. Does not matter each of this are excellent choices for your stomach .They are not that heavy to digest and healthy. Drinking milk, juice, and other stuff are often advised, my personal recommendation is see how you feel drinking it , if you are OK drink it , but if it effects your health do not .

3] Be warm, but in a fresh aerated room:

The most common question asked when one suffers with fever is: Should one be kept warm or cold? Normally when one gets fever they feel chilly, thus windows are closed, blankets given to such patients. Fine with the perspective, but what is going on wrong here is the air in the room and around the patient can get very stale , thus creating a feeling of suffocation around the patient and others too .It is important to be kept warm under such circumstances , but to an extent ... and not more than that .

4] Warm water:

One fact that I have noticed that many people do is to hardly drink any water when suffering from fever and luckily if they drink, its ice cold .Am I right or no? Understand that our focus has to be on helping the body digest all toxins and throw it out. Are we helping in any way drinking no water or cold water.Do not think so? And for that Ayurveda recommends warm water. The magic power of helping our body digest toxins is in warm water rather than cold water .Try it and see it yourself. Resist the temptation of drinking ice cold water!!!

5] Post fever:

As we take care during the fever it’s very important to make sure one take some more precaution post fever .Rest is important post fever, I have already written that. But also is important to work on your immune system. It’s time to make it strong again ... as due to the attack of toxins it has been weaken... thus try to cultivate some habits ,eat certain food that would help you in building the immune system. In Asian countries, I could thinks of amala , in North America think of maple or apples to boost immune system ... Look out in your world what would boost your health if you ate that after fever .Not to heavy , but still useful for you !!

Posted By Sudeep

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3 comments: on "Having Fever ?"

Ryan Biddulph said...

Great advice Sudeep.  Rest is paramount.  Sickness is a direct message to stop what you're doing and take it easy.  The body does have limits and sickness tells us when we've reached them.

Better Bodies in Training said...

Again another great post. I am curious though, where does exercise fall into the process? Is it post fever, and if so, what do you recommend for getting back into the exercise groove? 

vdsudeep said...

Exericse hmm Good question !!!
One need good energy and should be in proper shape to do any physical hardwork .. So I assume the best time to start execrise if after some rest even after fever .
Deep breathing and some streches may be started soon ..depends on the clients feeling at that point .

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