Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Goal Setting

We bring today a guest post from my friend and blogging buddy Chris. Blogger , Fitness Guru , lifestyle coach .His mission is to help , motivate and inspire others especially in the field of weight loss .

Do you want to be healthier? Would you like to lose weight? Do you have a desire to be more flexible, to be more toned, and to have an increased cardiovascular endurance? What about a sharper mind? Whatever your desires and wishes are, it is very important that you translate them into goals.

According to a goal is “a specific, measurable occurrence, object, or accomplishment that you would like to achieve, or obtain in the future. Goals are future actions where you develop concrete action plans to take you to where and to what you want in my future. It is said that many people confuse dreams and wishes with goals. While dreams and wishes may be interchangeable, dreams and wishes are not interchangeable with goals. Dreams and wishes are thoughts of the future without any plan or any concrete steps taken to realize them.

You don’t have to have any goals; but lacking goals is a good way of living a directionless life. In other words, you have two broad choices in life: You can set a direct course for your future by defining and setting your goals or you can just let the future unfold by itself. While the latter is a proces
s that permits many potential discoveries, it is also a very unfocused life and a way to guarantee that you never reach whatever destination you have or that you will never achieve what you desire. According to, there are five reasons why a person should set goals. These would include:

• Goals can give you a target to aim for;
• Goals can help you concentrate your time and effort;
• Goals can provide motivation, persistence and desire;
• Goals
can help you establish priorities;
• Goals can provide a road map to take you from where you are to where you want to be;
Whatever your reason, it is clear that a life without goals is a life unfulfilled, or so the saying goals.

Ok, now that you understand the necessity of having/setting goals, the next question is how you go about setting them. It is said that goal setting is about identifying something that you would like to achieve at some point in the future; you should also:

• Determine if it is realistic and attainable;
• Set a time line for its achievement;
• List the actions that must be taken to reach the goal;
• List th
e major milestones;
• Identify the resources (what you will need to have);
• Put together the action plan;

After you have set your goals, the next step is to execute them. That is to perform the steps listed in the action plan. A goal with steps not acted upon is nothing more than a dream, a wish. Secondly, you need to periodically monitor if you are on or off track reaching your goal; thirdly, you should check the milestones. Finally, you should make the necessary adjustments if you find that you or off course.

What should I do if I have not achieved my goal by the time line? Do I simply discard the goal? I believe that many people give up when they encounter some obstacles along the way or when challenge either from a time or resources basis, they throw in the towel. They simple discard the goal de
spite the level of investment in setting the goal in the first place. It is critical that you resist the urge to give up and instead take stock of where you are now, and what addition steps do you need to take to attain your goal.

No matter what your goal is, fitness, health, wealth loss, mindfulness, stronger muscles, toner body, more flexible, etc… you will serve yourself well, if you follow the steps outline above. I am sure that some might disagree with my line of reasoning, and that is ok. I would love, however, to understand your methodology if you do disagree. So, do share!

Chris is founder and partner of . Better Bodies in Training is an Health and Fitness Business based in San Fernando Valley, CA. He consults, trains and blog about wellness, health, fitness, and weight loss. His mission is to inspire, motivate and help achieve a better you. Visit his blog for more information.

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Judy S. Jones said...

Great article. Reminded me on how important goals are in order to finish my projects and move forward in my life.

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