Friday, October 16, 2009

Dhanvantari Jayanti

Shri Dhanvantari, Divine Founder of Ayurveda
*"Salutations to him, Lord Dhanvantari, who is holding a conch shell, a disc of energy, a leech, and a pot of celestial ambrosia. In whose heart shines a subtle, clear, gentle, and pleasing blaze of light that also shines around his head and lotus eyes. On the dark blue water his body is luminous, splendid, and shining. His waist and thighs are abounding in bright yellow clothes. Who, by his mere play, destroys all disease like a mighty forest fire. Om Dhanvantaraye Namah"*

All over the world Ayurvedic Community celebrated "Lord Dhanavantri Jayanti" yesterday. Ayurveda being a part of the ancient Vedas has from time being a very spiritual science .The actual origin of this science is said from Lord Brahma the creator who first created this science. This has been a story from the Hindu Mythology .But it has been said that Brahma taught this science to Prajapati , who then taught it too Ashwini kumars{the divine healers} so on and on.
It is said that when the human race during those years were suffering due to diseases, it was Lord Vishnu himself, who came in the world as "Lord Dhavantari" during the great Samudra Mantan .
Stories apart, but even in history Dhanavantri has been a name attached to a great Vaidya . He was well known for his skills as a Vaidya, especially in the department of surgery. If you wanted to learn surgery in Ayurveda, you ought to read the ancient script of Acharya Sushrutha called "Sushrutha Samhita" . It is said that Acharya Sushruta learned his skills in surgery from Lord Dhanavantari .

Spirituality /Religion nothing matters when it comes in the matter of life and death, we all know. Even so in my early years of training in Ayurveda our zeal for spirituality or religious studies was nothing or even may call it a big zero. It’s funny as I recollect, it was not just me, but most of my friends, as days, months, years pass one could easily notice the existence of spirituality increased as we studied Ayurveda. It really does not matter which religion we practised, but it mattered how much was our spiritual awakening for sure .Now when as we try to heal our clients, help them, the more we help them the more we realize, that it’s not me or us treating , its them helping themselves. The thoughts that arise in our minds to heal the suffering are all HIS creations .And without him our science, our know-how of all this science is just a waste.

Today on this occasion we always pray to "Lord Dhanavantri" to help us to sustain our ego and keep in control. In doing so we can at least be helpful in doing the work that is in front of us without prejudice. May Lord help us out to think and use different herbs and let them come in our thoughts to be used for the benefits of Human race! May our lives be used for something fruitful in our existence in this world!

Posted By Sudeep

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1 comments: on "Dhanvantari Jayanti"

Ralph said...

Excellant post, it is hard to avoid spirituality if you look within.

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