Friday, October 23, 2009

Decreased Vatta : Signs and Symptoms

For the last few weeks we had a chance to see how different doshas when increases way up from their normal values in an individual immediately show some signs or symptoms. The signs and symptoms seen normally are related to the different properties of each doshas. From today we would try to have a look on how if the same doshas decreased, what happens with the properties and how does it matters on our human body .The signs and symptoms that are see when each of this doshas decreased is what we would be discussing with if possible some explanation to why that is how ?

Vatta the dosha which represents motivation in the human body, also known as the Vayu dosha , with its ability to constantly make a matter move ,change according to the conditions it is around. Let us see what happens when because of different reasons this same vayu dosha is decreased.

1] "Alpavachana " :

To speak less or barely, minimize speech or what is called in Sanskrit "Alpha vachana" . Understand that the ability of speech in our body is the work of Vayu dosha . If this dosha has been decreased due to many reasons, one would look for less speak from any person. Being dumb or barely speaking anything, is how one look at this sign .

2] "Alpa chesta":

"Alpa chesta" means in English to hardly move or reduce movement. Again as spoken before that Vayu dosha has been seen as the motivator of anything in our body. If this motivator has been reduced, one would understand that one would face reduced movements may be of thoughts or even action both ways one can say. That is what is Alpha chesta in Sanksrit .

3] "Sandhyamoha":

This one symptom of reduced Vayu dosha is the most advanced that one can say and find. "Sandhyamoha " literal lay man word means unconscious or comatose stage. In this stage one could not find hardly any physical, movements nor any speech from the mouth of the person affected. The thinking area of the brain is also hampered. Though the heart beats, respiration may go one, still the stage as equal to a role of flesh for some moment of time.

Also one could find because of Vayu dosha decrease signs like less appetite, less energy, less vigor and so on and on. One need the leader of all the dosha to actually motivate the other doshas too, thus one could see disturbance in other dosha soon or enough.

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