Friday, October 30, 2009

Decreased Pitta : Signs and Symptoms :

Last week we had a chance to see how it affects our body when Vatta Doshas gets depleted in the body, due many reason. I am sure it’s very rare to see certain signs and symptoms. But still they are worth knowing.

In today's Post we would try to have a look on how our body reacts to decreased “Pitta Dosha”. Of course one should be aware that Pitta related to fire or energy or heat in the body .So Let us see what happens if Pitta is reduced.

Pitta Dosha Reduced:

1] “Agni Manda” :

When understanding Pitta dosha and its role in the body, it’s easy now to understand that, if anything happens to pitta it would directly affect the digestive fire of the body. "Agni Manda" or decreases digestive fire is the first sign that one would notice when Pitta dosha in the body gets reduced. Decreased digestive fire means less hunger or less appetite in lay man’s world.

2] “Sheet”:

Now decreased hunger also means in the long run less body fuel and thus once body would be devoid of body heat which is normally derived from the food eaten .Thus it’s also common to find due to less agni madya a person “sheet" which means cold.

3] “Prabhahani” :

Each one of us has a glow on our face. According to Ayurveda this glow is because of the Pitta dosha. The Sanskrit word for glow here is "prabha" .Due to decrease pitta one could see that one would loss this glow on one's face. Remember the days when you are sick just for one day or so ... you face been sunken and everyone says you seems sick even without you telling them. This is because of decreased pitta and thus this glow reduces as it has been there because of Pitta dosha. Any long term illness one would find this symptom very common, but again in all chronic illness one would also find decreased appetite as one of the cause too.

Next week we would see the last post on this series namely Decreased Kapha Dosha .

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