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Baddha Konasana

Cobbler's Pose /Butterfly Position :

In our series of Yoga and its understanding, we come to another interesting position or asana which has its benefits known to the world for many conditions. As I said long time ago some of the positions that we do , try to mimic different animals or nature, or even humans in any profession .It’s the benefit that one could see in such pose over the time that Yoga has taken such positions into consideration to work for being Healthy and keeping the world Healthy.

In today's article we should see on such position that resembles a huge community in India namely called as Cobbler .Also known as Cobbler's pose this position in Sanskrit is known as "Baddha Konasana"."Badda "means restricted and by now one should know "Kona" means angle. Restricted Angle asana... would be the meaning of the word . Then what is it to do with Cobbler in India. All the Cobblers do seat in this position all the day for their occupation .It has been seen due to such style a lot of health issues are not seen in that class of citizen for generations .This has been attributed to pose they sit in.

How to do this position?

1] Sit on the floor with legs stretched in front. Back erect, spine erect, face looking forward .
2] Bend both your knees and bring them closer to the trunk.
3] By bringing the soles of the heels together, let the outer surface of the feet touch each other. By catching the toes bring both the feet together and closer to the perineum.
4] Slowly if possible widen the thighs and lower the knees.
5] Try to touch the knees to the ground.
6] Now interlock your fingers of the hand and catching the feet’s from underneath hold the feet’s. Make sure your spine is straight, neck straight. Hold the pose in that position for at least 2 to 3 minutes.

Advance stage:

7] Now if possible slowly bend forward, placing the elbow on the thighs. Make sure you bend slowly; our goal here is to touch the chin to the floor without lifting the thighs from the ground.
8] Let your body inhale and exhale as you feel when doing the position.
9] Coming back relax your legs for a while to two before moving for another exercise.


1] Again as in most asanas make sure one is careful while bending if one suffers from High blood pressure or any cardiac problems.
2] While doing the asanas , make sure one is slow and careful . Being quick is not what is called for in any yogic asanas .Being in the present is what is required.
3] Avoid this asanas if menstruating or do it with the help of a proper teacher during those days .


1] It is through observation that cobblers in India do not suffer every from any Urinary tract diseases, makes it clear that this position works really well in preventing from all sorts of UTI.
2] Increase blood flow and chi flow towards the pelvic region, abdomen, kidney’s is what it counts for.
3] Works well in helping a client from sciatic pain.
4] Prevents Hernia, if practiced regularly.
5] Works really well with women’s especially for irregular menstrual cycle , helps ovaries to function properly.
6] Its a blessing for pregnant women’s as sitting in this pose reduces the pain during delivery , and reduces the chances of having varicose veins after pregnancy .


This asana has its effects on "Svadhistana Chakra”.

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2 comments: on "Baddha Konasana" said...

I think that this is a great pose for developing the inner thigh flexibility. I am curious though is there a difference in benefit of holding the pose for 3 minutes straight or in 3- 1 minutes sessioins? 

vdsudeep said...

3 mins refer to the time to hold this position in one go . So if you took the position , be in that position for atleast 3 min Nothing else .Thanks for the comment .

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