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10 Tips for this Comming Season : Winter

Soon in many sectors of North America many would have started feeling cool, winds flowing with full force. In Canada we are still in between fall and winter, some days are cool as hell and some days its warm and humid with rain. My wife just moved to Canada and thus this is here first winter in Canada. Seeing her apathy how she faces the cold winter, I thought so it might be nice to write something that everyone can follow to face this cold winter .Here are 10 pointers that one can follow to have a great winter.

Nutrition /Food:

Food has always been a way in Ayurveda that has been suggested to help humans face the upcoming weather. Thus many times as seasons change Ayurveda advises for change in food. Here are some of the changes recommended.

1] Ginger tea:
This magnificent spice has been mention in many of my article. Most of friend says to me that you are just in love with this spice .But it’s not just me even in the world of Ayurveda this spice is regarded as the spice of the spice .Ginger known for its heat that it gives when ingested is the reason that one is recommended to drink this herb in a form of tea. Have at least two or three cups of tea to keep warm.

2] Some Asian spices:
Other Asian spices like black pepper ,cayenne pepper are also known for its heating properties. So yes definitely they could be used for sure why not. Add some to your food, some to what you are cooking .Even in small amounts can make a huge different. Try it...

3] Chicken/Turkey/Eggs:
Well you are lucky if you are non vegetarian. Yes in most of the European nation and the North American countries Turkey on thanksgiving and Christmas is the routine of the winter season. Yes both this meat products are actually helping you to keep you well protected during those cold days. Even eggs are nice on that lines. So if you eat them why not have more of them on cold days .

4] Peanuts, Almonds /Hazelnuts:
You would be wondering if you are vegetarian then what to do? Well do not worry; we have some answers for that too. Peanuts, almonds and all the nuts in the nuts family are for you. All this nuts have oil in them which in due way help one to produce body heat which is very important for keeping the body warm. Use them as snacks and see the results .

5] Eat and then go out:
Well this is something off the way advice that I would like to give. Eat and then go out. It’s clear if you are hungry you would feel the coolness, as your stomach is empty. But if you have eaten you have enough blood supply flowing that your body to keep your body warm. Notice that when you go in restaurant one may feel cold, but when coming out, the temperature even if its cold one is fine with it.

Life style adjustments:

As food is important to changing season so are our lifestyle needs to be change to get ready for the cold season .Here are some tips on that lines .

1] Have a nice massage:
One of the important health advices that Ayurveda gives with change in season is to massage oneself with sesame seed oil. This is what is called as Abyanga . I have written about this before in one of the article before. Have a peek to here. Sesame seed oil due to its nature to heat the body works as a heat insulator and thus protects oneself even after shower in the winter season.

2] Nasya drops:
Another from my past post .Read this post too here .Nasya is the way one certain herbs or oil are given through one's nasal passage in the body. In this case we are going to use certain herbal oil or even sesame seed oil. Again here the point is to protect our lungs from the cold air and thus protecting our self from coolness.

3] Dress properly:
Well everyone knows that in winter one need to dress well .I am not speaking about just dressing properly here .I am speaking about dressing some specific area properly . First and foremost make sure your ears are close if I it’s very very cold and windy. Get a nice cap or toque to protect your ears. Even small ear buds may help you. Secondly small muffler around your neck would be also advisable, notice when you cover your neck, it keeps you warm. Check that out. And lastly keep your feet’s and hands warm all the time. Gloves, socks may be ideal in this situation.

4] Go for a walk:
Walk; do not sit on your ass!!! It’s cold and countries like Canada you would find depression developing soon if you just sit in your house. It’s very important to make sure one constantly exercise every day .If not just dress properly and go out for walk .That might help you a lot .

5] Apply some warm oil on your feet:
If it’s too cold ,just before one sleep apply just warm oil on the feet . That might keep you warm. Try it and enjoy your winter

Happy Winter!!!

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