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Thunder bolt pose /Diamond pose /Adamantine pose

After doing the basic sitting position, we now move to some difficult sitting positions to meditate or sit on. Though for some people have seen that this position is simple... Still I completely understand the difficulty doer's face while actually doing this asana .In today’s post we would see the asana called as "Vajrasna ". Also known as Thunderbolt pose or Diamond pose or Adamantine pose .
The word Vajrasana can be easily understood if we divide it into smaller words."Va" means to move, “Ra" means radiant.Which means in this posture the blood flow /energy /prana /chi is directed all over the body to create radiant effect .
Vajra also means thunderbolt or lightning. Adamantine pose is another name use for this position. Adamantine is the word which I felt in love when I read it for the first time.It means the hardness or lustre of a diamond. Yes this asana has the hardness thus called Adamantine pose.

How to do it?

1] Start the position as we start all the sitting position. Both legs straight, back straight, face stiff, looking in front of the nose.
2] Fold the right leg in the knee joint and bring the lower limb below the thigh. Keep the right heel below the right buttock.
3] The fold the left leg in left knee joint bringing it in the same way below the left buttocks.
4] Make sure one places the right big toe above the left big toe in a cross.
5] When in position breathe in and out slow and steady. If possible concentrate on the breathing rather than anything else.
6] Keep this position at least for one minute in the beginning slowly increasing it to more than 5 min or even more?
7] Coming out of this position make sure one come out slowly, same way as we went in the position. Left leg and then the right leg.


1] To start with one may notice pain in the knees or thighs or even the ankles. It is advisable to do some standing position before this sitting asana. This might reduce the pain on the legs.
2] Ankle pain is common and only practice can help it practice till one get perfect.
3] Make sure one keep the spine straight is very important to get maximum benefit in this position.
4] If possible work also on the anal sphincter can give added benefits .


1] A good position for meditation for those people who cannot sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana .
2] Enhance blood flow /prana or chi to all parts of the body.
3] Assist digestion
4] Get rids of flatulence.
5] Strengthen the muscles, nerves in the lower extremity.
6] Good asana for sciatica.

Chakra effect:

This asana has its effects on "Svadhistana Chakra" .

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