Monday, September 7, 2009

Utthita Parsvakonasana

Warrior pose -3

So folks how are we doing up till now. How good is your warrior pose 1 and 2 ... Today asana that we are going to see though has a different name some people call it the extended form of warrior pose -2 actually . And to tell you the truth it is the extended form of warrior pose- 2. Its name is “Utthita Parsavakonasana” .
"Parsva" means Side or flank."Kona "means angle .Another way to define is to call it External lateral angle pose.

How to do it ?

Start with the same way one would do Virbhadrasna -2 and then we have some changes in it.

1] "Samasthiti" would be the pose we start any standing exercise.
2] Taking a deep breath we slowly bring our right leg apart from our left leg at least 4 feet’s from each other and with extended arms.
3] Turn our right foot to the side and also a little bit of the left foot .So is our face looking towards the right side.
4] Slowly bend it right knee so that the thigh is parallel to the floor, while it forms a right angle. Make sure the spine is still straight.
5] As you take this position your eyes are fixed on your right fingers stretched arms and bend knees.
6] Now slowly bring your right hand towards your right ankle and trying to touch the right palms to the floor near the right feet.
7] Stretch you left arm over your left ear, heads up.
8] Tighten all the muscles of the body .It’s very important that the chest, hips, legs should be in line. Feel the spine being stretched, and pulled.
9] Hold this position at least for 30 sec in the beginning and may go to 2 to 3 min after lots of practice.
10] Continue the exercise the same way on the other side too.


Same as Virbhadhrasana-2 ...
Make sure you are stiff and concentration is fine to have an excellent balance .


1] Tones ankles, knees, thigh.
2] Correct defects in calves and thighs.
3] Reduces fats around waist and hips.
4] Increases peristaltic action, and aids elimination.

Chakra effect :

This asana works on the Muladhara Chakara or the Base Chakra.

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