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Understanding Tridosha : Vata Dosha

Vatta or Vayu Dosha

Earlier we have seen the Theory of Tridosha when speaking the fundamental principles of Ayurveda. From today three Fridays in a row we would get a chance to see and understand each of the doshas in more detail. We start with the master of all the doshas , the dosha that has the potential to move and make other doshas to work , the dosha which can fluctuate as per as needs of time thus being the master. Today we discuss the "Vatta Dosha " or "Vayu ".

The word of "Vayu " has its roots in the word "Va" which means movement.Thus any moments can be defined as the work of this dosha namely Vayu or Vatta . According to the Theory of Panachamahbhoot this dosha is an union of Akash or space or ether and Air or vayu panchamahbhooot .

Understanding doshas can be tricky in one way or so cannot see them, but sure you can see their actions on the body. Same as the principle of electricity ... we do not see it , but can see the lamp being lite . Here in Dosha we would understand because of its properties and its actions.

Vayu dosha can be felt by following properties Va means movement which means friction is sure thus bringing dryness Dryness or ruksha , to move one has to be light hence the property of being light or lagu ,cold or sheet ,khara or rough nature , chal or moving , sooksma or minute and vayavai or quick mixable . If you see any one of the properties in any substance around you , one should think of the vayu being the cause for that .

Each doshas also have a place where they concentrate or show more action on.In regards to vayu we see it more on lower abdomen or small and large intestine ,anal region, hips , pubic area thighs ,ear, bones and lastly the skin .

What does it do in our body?

Here is list of stuff that happens due to work of Vayu dosha in or body :

1] All moments in our body is due to this dosha .Like inhaling, exhaling out, moments of air in our body like hiccups, bowel, urine, foetal movements in a pregnant women.
2] Providing nourishment to all cells and collecting and throwing away toxin from each cell.
3] Collecting and sending information from all the sense organs to the brain. In the same way all over the body is done by Vayu .
4] Assimilation, separation of waste material from the good food is a process that is done by Vayu dosha .
5] The sense of Touch has been credited to us according to Ayurveda because of this important Dosha .

Lastly it can be also divided in small categories in regards to function in different region.

They are as follows :
1] Prana Vayu: works on the upper body helps in inhaling and other functions
2] Udan Vayu: also works on the upper body but helps in actions opposite to prana vayu like exhaling
3] Vyan Vayu: works in the lower thorax region, major work in pumping of the heart
4] Saman Vayu : works on the food being digested assimilation process take place lot because of it .
5] Apan Vayu : works on the lower body majorly in throwing away toxin from the body role of helping the body excretion and stuff like child birth .

In some later post we would further discuss on finding what happens when Vatta dosha increaes or decreases in our body . How are we affected and why are we affected and all that . But first we would complete all the other two doshas .
If you have any question give me a shout and I would see to reply it as soon as possible .

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