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Understanding Tridosha : Pitta Dosha

Pitta Dosha

Last week we have seen about Vatta or Vayu Dosha. The master, the doer of all the three doshas.Today we would see another one out of the three, namely Pitta Dosha. If Vatta is known for its constant movement, change, this dosha has been known for its capacity to form new things. When two or more things come together, always there has to be a reaction ... this reaction is due to the action of Pitta Dosha ... which then creates some results , may be good , may be bad or neutral .. But it is this Pitta dosha which works here.

The word "Pitta" in Sanskrit is defined as word where heat is shown ,it can be said as "Tapa Santape"in sanskrit . For every creation there is a need to union of two or more molecules and here is the role of Pitta to mix them. According to the Theory of Panchamahabhoot Pitta is a union of vayu or air and agni or fire panachamahbhoot .

Properties of Pitta:

Pitta again as a dosha cannot be seen, but it can be felt due to its many properties that are shown on our body.They can be shown either in form of its action or some of the qualities some of our body parts show some times when are in the presence of Pitta dosha.

Heat or "Usna " is normally the first property of the pitta dosha ,followed by "Tikshna"or sharp .To mix things you need the sharpness to penetrate the substance and then react .It is this nature of heat and sharpness that works here .Pitta dosha also is Light or lagu, but compared to vayu it is heavier ."Visra" or smelly, it has a weird foul odour which can be seen when certain individuals have increase Pitta dosha easily either to their urine or sweat or bowel moment .It can be also "Sara " or quick , "drava" or liquid in nature and "Sasneha" or oily a little bit .

Functions of Pitta dosha :

After seeing the properties we should have a small idea of what is the role of this dosha in our body.

First and foremost digestion and metabolism of food that we eat is done by Pitta dosha. Not only that the heat that is created by this digestion is helpful in maintaining the temperature of the body. Again that is been done by Pitta .The feeling of being hungry and thirsty is the role of Pitta dosha .

The sense organ eyes are controlled by Pitta dosha thus , the important aspect of seeing is said to be the role of Pitta .The coloration of our body has to be done by the pitta in our body too. Memory , courage and such qualities are controlled by Pitta dosha .

Different categories of Pitta dosha :

1] Pachak Pitta : Work in the abdomen , helping the process of digestion .

2] Ranjak Pitta : Works in liver ,spleen and stomach area .

3]Sadak Pitta : Works in and around the heart .

4] Alochak Pitta : works in the eyes to help us to see..

5] Bhrajak Pitta: Works in the skin and help us to maintain the temperature and texture of the skin

That all about Pitta dosha , I will be back on the next friday with the last dosha namely Kapha dosha . Till then if you have any question give me a shout .

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