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Understanding Tridosha : Kapha Dosha

Today we come to the last dosha of the series of Understanding the Tridosha.Last two weeks we had seen Vayu or Vatta and Pitta dosha.Today we would try to discuss the third dosha namely "Kapha dosha" .
To stick, to be sticky are some of the meanings of the word "Sleshma" which also means “Kapaha” in Sanskrit. Thus just from the word one could think what kind of work this dosha could have been doing in our body. The panachamahabhoot that makes this dosha are Jal or water and Pruthvi or earth.

Understanding this dosha is best known by understanding first its properties, what makes this doshas to work in our body in this sticky nature, then we would look for its actions.What work does it do in the body?

Properties of Kapha dosha :

First and important property of kapha that is its been moist or snigdha... well it has water as one of the panchamahbhoot what else we can think of right .It is also cool or sheet in action, Guru or heavy... definitely the heaviest of all the three dosha .kapha dosha is also slow in action or mandha , slakshan or again moist or slimy and lastly they are stir or immovable in one way or so.Each of this properties of a dosha governs the working of our body and also troubles it too .
Action of Kapha dosha :

1] Fusion:
The first and foremost action that kapha dosha do is the action of keeping the unions of different molecules in our body. Our whole body is joint with molecules and cells with each other skin to layers of dermis and stuff, the bones are attach to ligaments. To hold all this you need something strong and immovable in one way or so... which kapha dosha gives to the body .
2] Reduce friction:
If molecules are in union or in bond, cells are attached with every small move there should be friction between each part of the body. And this friction is what has to be worked with help of something slimy or moist like the kapha dosha .Another important work being of reducing the friction.
3] Healing action:
Every day thousands and thousands of cell die and to fill this gap new cells have to formed and heal the gap and this is the work which the kapha dosha do in our body.
4] Strength:
Due to its heaviness or guru and stir or immovable nature this dosha has been also a dosha to give strength to the body in general.

Different types of Kapha in our body:

1] Kledhak kapha: This is the most important type which works in the stomach to work in the digestive process.
2]Awalambak Kapha :Present in the thorax region , its role is to work with the lungs and heart for its proper function.
3] Bodak Kapha: Situated in Tongue and oral mucosa, it has the role to help digestion in its basic stage.
4] Tarpak Kapha: The proper functioning of the brain in the skull and ease with which it functions is due to this kapaha .
5]Sleshak kapha :Situated in each joints of our body , providing the required lubrication to reduce friction between them.

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