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Travelling on long distance flight !! Health Tips

As I finish this post, I am just about to reach Mumbai, 18 hrs flights from Toronto -Brussels – Mumbai. I have been flying this route and couple others at least 4 to 5 times in the last 3 to 4 yrs.It’s a very different lifestyle that one need to follow to be relaxed and successful for such long distance flight. Here are few tips and health plans that I always try to follow during such long hauls.

Before actual flying:

1] Sleep:
The night before your journey, it is very important to sleep very well, just to make sure you are well rested for the actual flight .Such flights can be hectic physically and mentally to.

2] Diet:
As it holds true to sleep, it holds true to even diet. Eat moderate, healthy avoiding junk. You do not need such flights to be full with moments of embarrassment, gurgles. Also drink less caffeine, alcohols before the actual flight {holds true even at airport }

3] Dress properly:
I have a nice beautiful young lady sitting next to me, dress very nicely, but have one issue she was not all ready for the cold conditions in the actual flight. India being hot currently she tried to dress in summer clothing’s .Wear clothes not according to season , places you are visiting wear them just to make sure they are warm .{ small sheets are given in many flights ,does not addressee the cold effect}.Stocking or socks are important as the make you comfortable too .

4] Motion sickness:
If you have a history of motion sicknesses no need to worry and do not pack too many pills. Not needed, neither is the requirement of sleeping pills. Before leaving your house take some ginger tea and also take some ginger powder with you on carry on luggage .As soon you feel uneasy in flights , ask your air hostess or steward some warm water and mix that ginger powdered in it too make a nice tea ... You would have no issues ...

Actual flight:

1] Protect your ears:
If you are sensitive to pressure especially pregnant women, sick people , kids should always have small ear plugs in there ear to protect from changing air pressure .It is must to have them all the time , never know when the pressure changes .

2] Move, Move, Move:
Economy class Syndrome or deep vein thrombus has been troubling many travellers during such long distance flight. Its nature of cramped setting arrangement, less air, no movements makes a person suffer from it. The answer is as simple as difficult is the issue .Move move move ... yes just move your body every 2 hours .Each joint has to be moved every 2 hrs .You can walk on the aisle , go to washroom and move all joints whichever suits you .. Lastly if you are ok always check yourself on the aisle seat, so half the time your legs could be outstretched.

3] Drink water, not alcohols or caffeine:
Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohols. Both of this makes your dehydrated easily in long flights You need hydration rather than the opposite. So drink water as many times as you feel and yes feel free to ask it too.

4] Free food:
Yes your tickets includes the cost of it , but that does not means you have to finish it. First of all you are hardly wasting any calories, just sitting there would not make you hungry all the time. So try to eat only as much is needed .

5] Stale air:
I am usually fine, but again many obese people, asthmatic, young kids might find this true. that the air can be stale or just less for oxygen. In such cases please be free to ask for help ... oxygen.The flight attendants would be glad to help you in such cases.

6] Jetlag issue /managing your time zones:
The last and the worst of all.... Jet lag has been complained by many avid travellers’ .Blamed or excuses I do not know .What I found is if you manage your time wisely in air, you hardly get it. Try this ...Say if you are flying from North America to Asia. It would be evening when you leave North America, Sleep immediate after meal , and then half way which means either you shift planes or just half way try to behave not according to the body cloak of NA but of Asia . So in half way the local timing of destination would be late afternoon. Do not sleep then... make sure you remain awake all the time from that onwards as you would be reaching Asia around midnight Ready for bed that time.

So what do you think? Any tips or query you have please join the debate and let others know too. What are the strategies that you adopt for such long distance flights .Let us know and enjoy our flights?

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