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We now start some exercise in sitting position. Starting with the very basic position Which one would sit normally .Though simple, still could be very tricky for many and Sometimes would ask for patience and practice for some of doer's for a long time.
"Siddha" means semi divine being or a person of great purity or supernatural quality.It also means inspired sage or prophet. Now your thoughts would be yes it such simple Position, even then why the name Siddhaasana or referring to a spiritual personality or seer or something.The name is in the position, as I said when doing this position; many would face some stiff resistance from the body, for being in the position and also keeping this position. May be after doing it yourself, it would be clear why it being Siddhaasana .

How to Do it?

1] Sit on the floor with both legs straight in front of you.
2] Now bend your left leg in the knees and bring the left foot near your right thigh.
Your left heal would be touching the perineum a little bit.
3] Bending your right leg now in the knee we bring it in such way that the right foot is placed on top of left angle , keeping the heal of the right leg against the public bone .
4] Keep your spine straight.
5] For your arms stretch them and keep the palms facing upward on the knees. With the thumb
Joining the forefingers and the other finger extended.
6] Hold this position for at least 2 to 3 min to start with.


1] Tip of your nose, spine, belly button, and your anus all should be in straight line, if we try to draw an imaginary line connecting all of them
2] Yes the lower back or the upper back would start being in trouble, but well that’s
What we need to achieve... to keep the position.
3] If needed concentrate on your breathe or tip of nose when we are in this position.
4] Personally I like to work on some chakras during this position and just concentrate on any chakras that I feel like working on.


This position being the most common position that an Indian would sit, the effect can be seen when it is done for a complete new person who has never done it. It is really good for keeping good posture in the first place.
Works magic in stiffness of the thighs, knee and other muscles around that area
Healthy asana for all the ligaments of the pubic area.
Increases blood circulation towards all that area affected, including lower abdominal.

Chakra effect:
This asana works good for
Svadhisthana chakra .

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