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Lotus Position

After starting our sitting positions and as we get used to Siddhaasna one more asana advances that in all ways .It is the master of asana for meditation and for general use .Though hard to see it can be the most comfortable position to sit and relax ... ohh forgot after much practise before it is still a pain.
"Padmasana" or "Lotus Position" ,"Padma " means Lotus in Sanskrit and its name because of the special formation of the legs one take when sitting in this position .

How to do it?

1] Sit on the floor with straight legs in front.
2] Bend your right leg at knee joint and holding the right foot with hand bring it on your left thigh, so the right heel is near the navel.
3] Bend the left leg at knee joint and hold the left foot and bring it over the right at the root. The soles of both the feet should be facing up.
4] Keep the spine straight in this position, arms outstretched left arm on left knee and right arm on right knee.
5] You can change the leg position both ways...


I know it is hard to take this position as it requires practice. Start with Siddhasana and then go on to work on this position.
Secondly your knees are going to have pain sooner or later.. .This pain only goes with practise and perseverance.

Effects :

One of the basic asana considered for relaxation.
One of the important asana recommended for meditation.
One of the asana used by spiritual gurus for kundalini practice.
Physically good for knee stiffness , ankle stiffness ,circulating blood to lumber region

Chakra effect:

You name the chakra and work on it. This asana would show magic on it .
But to be more specific works magic with muldhara , svadhisthana , manipur chakara .

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