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Increased Vatta Dosha : Signs and symptoms

For the last 3 weeks we have been in the process of understanding about different doshas and what they do, where they work in our body. Starting today we would be presenting in detail how to understand if one of the dosha has been increased or decreased. Due to many reasons known unknown doshas have tendency to change or fluctuate .This fluctuation brings change of its properties, which normally define a dosha . With properties shuffled one may notice some signs or symptoms which one can observe. From today's post we would try to look in detail those signs and symptoms which would tell us about the changes happening in our doshas .

Increased Vatta Dosha :

Increased Vatta dosha means increase in its properties, increase of those properties in the areas where vatta dosha stays and work like the thighs skin etc. Thus one would see all the signs and symptoms around those important places where vatta dosha works in our body.

Here are few signs /symptoms that one would observe with increase Vatta Dosha .

1] "Karshya ":
Due to increase Ruksha and Lagu properties of Vatta dosha , one would be seen Karshya or being thin ... or one would say weight loss as one of the signs . It might be weight loss of overall body or just even a small structure as thinning of the legs or thighs.

2] "Karshynaya ":
Vatta dosha has its dominance in our skin and thus the skin has to be affected first with even a slight increase of Vatta dosha . Blackness or blackening of the skin around a particular area could be seen with increase vatta dosha also called in Sanskrit as "Karshyanya ".

3] "Kampa" :
Another important sign one would see with increased Vatta dosha is tremors. Remember when we are sick, or fasting for a long time we shake a little bit especially our fingers our hands or legs. Those same shakes or tremors are sign of increase vatta dosha too.

4] "Ushna Kamitva" :
When Vatta dosha increase, it means increase in all the properties that represent vatta dosha.One of the properties is"Sheet" or feeling cold... Thus increase in this property one would tend to feel a need for warm food, clothes all the time .This tendency is called as "Usna Kamitva".

5] "Anaha":
Bloating is also commonly seen when one has increased Vatta dosha .

6] "Shakrudhgraha" :
One of the functioning of Vatta dosha is moment, being affected here in increased vatta dosha one would see intestine moments increased which might create nuisance in regular bowel moments. "Shakrudhgarha "or constipation can be also a sign of Vatta increased simply because of this changes .

7] "Nidranasha" :
"Nidranasha" or reduce sleep can be seen with increased Vatta dosha .This is all because of increased thoughts processing that happens during such increase thus one may not easily get his or her sleep .
Lately this has been seen the most common cause of insomnia .

8] "Pralap" :
One important but advance sign that is seen with increased vatta dosha is that of irreverent talk that one does. Many times one would have seen people walking on a subway and chatting with one self... They are engrossed in their own thoughts, also sometimes you would notice sometimes people chatting with you and going from one subject to another subject with no reference. All such small things are said to be a sign of Vatta Dosha increase.

Many of this signs are just a way of warning to us that something might go wrong in our body sooner or later thus one should be careful and try to read those signs as quickly as possible .The idea behind writing this article is just to create an awareness with readers about those signs to help oneself in understanding our body more in detail.
Next week we would spend time on Pitta dosha .

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