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How to do Apple Fast {Ayurvedic style }

Few years ago when I arrived in Canada, I was over warmed by the apples grown here in Northumberland county. I was lucky to have a place right next to an orchid for a while , thus enjoying the finest apples for the season . Soon I was wondering for the medical properties of those apples and how can I use it in my in healing my clients when I found of this detox style mentioned in "Handbook for Health" by Edgar Cayce .Give it a try I thought was my reaction which was soon proved to be helpful .

Normally here is the way how an apples fast is done and said in many books and sites .Eat light at night before the actual day of the fast .For the next 4 to 5 days just eat as many apples as you can the whole day. Drink plenty of water or apple juice during the fast. Then some finish the fast by having a little bit of Epsom salt or Castor oil to end the whole fast.
What can I say; Ayurveda and its principles in me do not go so easily, thus I tried to modify some of the way this fast is done for my client and yes for sure results are the same .Here is how I tell my clients to do this apple fast .

Apple fast :

1] Eat light for the day before the actual fast, eat vegetarian if possible rather than meat or egg products.
2] One the actual days of the fast eat fresh apples whenever you are hungry or thirsty.
3] One can have warm water or fresh apple juice not concentrated.
4] No tea or coffee or any other liquids the whole day.
5] Look out for headaches or gassy stomach or even loose motion. They are common... Eat apple or drink warm water to reduce the trouble .
6] Resist the temptation to eat or drink something different .
7] By night many clients have said to have at least one bowel moment, if not one might try having Castor oil or flax seed oil

Duration of the fast: One day or may be two days not more than that.
Timing: During fresh apple season, choose apples which are grown near your place of stay rather than some where far.
Results: Lightness, energetic, increase of appetite
Who should not do this fast: Pregnant, old , week , children’s should avoid doing this fast .

Warning: Only done under expert guidance of your own herbologist or naturopath or Vaidya .

Benefits of apple fast ?

Apples have been known in Ayurveda as good for health in general.
Apple fast are recommended by many naturopath for gallstones and liver detox . Many internet sites have shown results with apples fast in removing gallstones.
As an common man with no health issues this fast would help one to clean the liver and increase appetite. Also one would see lightness and feel more energetic .

Side effect:
No known side effects are known with this fast under than loose motion during the fast which is like a reaction rather than side effects. Headaches are also due to the fast and vanish as soon as the fast are done.

To come out of the fast make sure you eat light for the next fruits, vegetables, or khicadhi.

When you can find some nice fresh apples in farmer market for your health of your liver and gallbladder why do not one try this simple fast just for one day. In Canada and some parts of United states this is the season for it ... I know I am doing it... what about you !!!!

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1 comments: on "How to do Apple Fast {Ayurvedic style }"

Sheila Atwood said...

I love apple season. We live in a fruit production area and the apples have been sooo go. Johnatons are my favorite.

I have not heard of adding apples to a fast. But it makes since. And doing this fast when fresh apples are available makes even more sense.


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