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How to Boosts Immunity of your Kids

School in Canada and US are starting soon. Starting from kindergarten to universities. As they start we all know in just couple of days many of the kids from different classes are going be absent in the class due to some sort of health condition ranging from cold, cough, fever, allergies and stuff. It usually would start with one kid and soon as a wild fire spreads from one kid to another , one class to another , one school to another. Each parent faces the simple issue of how to handle this condition during those days. How to keep the kid safe ,how to protect him from this simple flu and fever . The answer is Immune system of the kid. Every parent should be working on that from a long time if not they should be starting right now .Kids are not like us ... they are very new to the world .. Thus by all means they have very little protection from antigens in the body. Immunity is the answer if we try to work on that you and your kid can enjoy all the

Here are some pointers that I like to share which might help you and your kid to work on this condition:

1] Sesame seed oil application:

Yuck yuck yuck!!!!! I know what are you thinking well ,I am aware of the fact ... We have spoken the benefit of simple massage before .Even in the respect of kids not only it boosts the immune system , but also help them to develop their muscles , bones too .It also work on having small protective layer around the skin of our kids and thus protecting from air borne diseases. Try it just apply sesame seed oil before you shower them and wash it off in shower .

2] Ginger tea once a day:

Try it ... it’s just the beginning of fall currently in Canada and USA. The weather is currently getting cooler windy a little bit. What else to think during such nice time. Instead of nice warm hot chocolate try giving your kids some warm nice honey ginger tea. Ginger in its natural form has power to fight different infections especially sinus issues, digestive troubles like upset stomach ,diarrhea ,vomiting or nausea .Simple cold and flu easily goes away or are kept at bay with such simple ginger tea.

3] Let your kid play in Outdoor than Indoor:

Many parents I have seen fearing many factors or even the kids due to advance technology are always seen at home playing video game, computers or X-Box 360 ...Well does not help at all in some way. Recent survey in Canada has showed that only 13% of kids meet the recommendation of 90 min a day of physical activity. So we need at least 90 min of play time physical every day for each kid .Also is the question that how we are building the immune system, if your kid has never exposed to different air pollutants. How would his body work? And then suddenly the kid goes to school and faces all the different health issues around.

4] Do not feed your kids with Antibiotics....

A simple sneeze can bring towards a kid 10 different sorts of medicines ranging from tablets to syrup to nebulizers and what not .Please do not feed your kids medicine especially antibiotics. Dr Mary Ruebush in her book "How to make friend with Dirt” , have shown the effects of giving excessive antibiotics can reduce your child immune system rather than actually helping them. Use your natural instincts or common sense when dealing some minor cold and flu rather than immediate running to the doctors. Think what would Nature do during such condition was one of the suggestion from the book.

5] Fresh food can do magic:

Yes its that simple for a child to increase the immune system. Fresh food ... ok what I mean is not pizza and burger. but just fresh meat, vegetables , milk ,beans and all sort of vegetables Keep all those in your kids diet and see the difference. Jamie Oliver UK renowned chef has been advocating good food in school cafeteria and has been successful take look at his website to understand more on the effects of healthy meals and the difference one can find with your kids . Lastly it’s not that expensive!!!!

6] Teach your kids yoga, deep breathing:

What’s wrong in that.... If adults can be taught yoga ... and be benefited with increase immune system why not the kids. Well I started learning since grade 2 or 3 . Many kids in India start even earlier than that, and yes the benefits are unbelievable. Yes deep breathing or pranayama, different asanas are going to help your kids to increase his immune system for such crazy days at school. Start it today and see...

I am sure with all this tips your kid would be in the safe hands and not miss a single of the school. If any parent have any more suggestion to share, do not feel shy, be open to write on the comment page so others can also see it and use it for their kids.

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