Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall:The season of Change and Allergies !!

Fall has started here in North America, one of most wonderful and enjoyable season here in Canada .Leaves changing color, tress with various shades of green, yellow, orange are seen all over the landscapes .Even though nature enjoy this change and gets ready with coming winter season, many humans face some typical health issues during such seasons .Sinusitis, headache, teary eyes, runny nose all are some of the common symptoms of such allergic reaction due to the change of weather.

I was very new to such conditions when I landed in Canada, never faced this issue in India. Though I know that India being more polluted definitely more than here .In my first few years of practice, I slowly tried to introduce this small treatment which gave me the maximum result not so much during the attack ,but sure if used for prevention of the condition . The treatment is called as "Nasya”.

To administer drugs many different ways are used for the benefit of human being. Each one of the way is unique in its own way. Nose has been used as a way to administer herbs and medicine in medical system since long time. Ayurveda has been using this method and such procedures has been called as Nasya .Today we would not talk on Nasya in detail , we would speak about how we can prevent our seasonal allergies by this procedure .

Normally what I recommend for people who know that they would face this condition is to take some small drops of herbal oil under proper advice from your Naturopath or Vaidya or Herbologist and just add one or two drops in each nostril .Every day in the morning just before going out from your house . To understand how it works we should understand what happens with our human body during the fall.

During the season of the fall, the weather changes suddenly from warm summer to cooler temperatures .Many places would also see some windy climate in the fall. This summer was less summer and rainier here in Ontario. Which means the ground is the still wet with rain in many places .This has also allowed many types of grass to grow, ragweed to grow and different sorts of fungus around the area. The falling leaves, pollens and all types of organic material fills the air especially when it is windy ,that’s when we suddenly start facing this issues as we breathe in those allergens .. This change is hard on our nasal mucosa which thus reacts with extra secretion of mucosa to protect out body from inhaling such pollen and stuff. Starting all the symptoms one after another. In nasya when we add the drops of oil in our nostril, a thin layer of slimy oil coats the mucosa and thus the actual reaction of the nasal mucosa and the pollens is reduced, thus increase mucosa formation is reduced, and still do not forget you still do not breathe those pollens as the oil keeps the pollens from breathing in.

Thus Nasya seems easy to work more in preventing the actual allergic reaction rather than in acute phases... where it might not be able to work easily .Try it and see.

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Note from the author : If anyone from North America would like to have such nasal drops, please email me , I would be glad to provide it any one for a small amount in exchange {postage extra }

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