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Are you Going to take the Swine Flu Vaccine?

Last few months were lot better in the fight with H1N1 virus all around the world .Though its rapid progress in North America and rest of the world .The hot season has helped mankind in actually reducing the speed of virus and thus given us time to work on it .The ongoing winter that is bound to come soon in the northern hemisphere is the said to be worst with regards to spread of the virus .
World Health Organization has been gearing its weapons and thus coming with a vaccine in most of the countries likely to be affected.This Vaccine would be soon available in Canada, America, Asia, and Europe in October. Though the vaccine would prove god send many are currently debating the actual benefit of it and the trouble one would go because of using it .Is the vaccine O.K to be taken is the question?
Is it too little time that this vaccine has been invented and does it lack proper testing are some of the questions raised .To understand more we take a look on this vaccine , its benefits , side effects and its controversies . One can then decide if to take this vaccine or not.

About H1N1 Vaccine:

Swine flu vaccine has been actually made with help of the strains that where ones causing the Influenza attack of 1976. Thus removing the first doubt about this vaccine that it is time tested vaccine. Two types of vaccines are being developed and are used one is through the intramuscular route while the other is the intranasal route. Both vaccines are for adults and children too. The only contraindications to these vaccines are both this vaccines are contraindicated to those people who are hypersensitivity to eggs or chicken protein and some more drugs.
The good news though is another company in UK has developed the same vaccine skipping the traditional approach to make the H1N1 vaccine i.e. without using eggs and thus makes it egg or chicken protein safe vaccine .
The big hue and cry about this vaccine in the news is because of the history of this vaccine when used in 1976 influenza attack. 1 in million suffered from an attack of GBS or also called as Guillain-Barre' syndrome after 6 to 7 weeks after the vaccine was injected .Which is true and known in the medical community that such side effect is present with this vaccination .Also this vaccine has been contraindicated in pregnant women’s and for the foetal ,thus leaving them with no answer against swine flu .

Would I try this Vaccine?

This is an important question that one would be asking .Before I answer here is the result taken from the poll in Canadian university where health care worker and other people where asked this same question .The participants were found reluctant to take the vaccine most of them citing "because of low perception of risk of infection early in a pandemic coupled with the many uncertainties that surround new vaccines and the emerging infectious disease."
Same where the result with poll and surveys taken in Hong Kong , another area which was though largely affected with SARS ,still people were reluctant to take the vaccine which was surprising for many .
The biggest worry for many has been the GBS issue... which is caused as an side effect, but then are there any vaccines with no side effects ?And the percentage is just 1 in Million .Then why not take the risk to be prevented by swine flu which has been affected in more numbers than the actual issue of GBS as an side effect to the vaccine.
Another mind argues as I write this… why is this vaccine necessary for me. If I follow all the rules of prevention of swine flu which are mentioned in Ayurveda and other known why should I worry then .
The answer is in your court .Please decide it wisely ... I am here just to give you the glimpse of the debate that is ongoing with that vaccine.
Also feel free to take some moments to take this poll which has been set to decide if one would take this vaccine or no ? More on polls .

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Nazim Khimani said...
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Ralph said...

I have stopped getting flu shots.  I have never gotten flu.  I am not inclined to get this one.  General flu shots are a crap shoot and I doubt that they guess right about what strains to include. I don't see any reason to believe that swine flu is unchangeable.

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