Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are you Going to take the Swine Flu Vaccine?

Last few months were lot better in the fight with H1N1 virus all around the world .Though its rapid progress in North America and rest of the world .The hot season has helped mankind in actually reducing the speed of virus and thus given us time to work on it .The ongoing winter that is bound to come soon in the northern hemisphere is the said to be worst with regards to spread of the virus .
World Health Organization has been gearing its weapons and thus coming with a vaccine in most of the countries likely to be affected.This Vaccine would be soon available in Canada, America, Asia, and Europe in October. Though the vaccine would prove god send many are currently debating the actual benefit of it and the trouble one would go because of using it .Is the vaccine O.K to be taken is the question?
Is it too little time that this vaccine has been invented and does it lack proper testing are some of the questions raised .To understand more we take a look on this vaccine , its benefits , side effects and its controversies . One can then decide if to take this vaccine or not.

About H1N1 Vaccine:

Swine flu vaccine has been actually made with help of the strains that where ones causing the Influenza attack of 1976. Thus removing the first doubt about this vaccine that it is time tested vaccine. Two types of vaccines are being developed and are used one is through the intramuscular route while the other is the intranasal route. Both vaccines are for adults and children too. The only contraindications to these vaccines are both this vaccines are contraindicated to those people who are hypersensitivity to eggs or chicken protein and some more drugs.
The good news though is another company in UK has developed the same vaccine skipping the traditional approach to make the H1N1 vaccine i.e. without using eggs and thus makes it egg or chicken protein safe vaccine .
The big hue and cry about this vaccine in the news is because of the history of this vaccine when used in 1976 influenza attack. 1 in million suffered from an attack of GBS or also called as Guillain-Barre' syndrome after 6 to 7 weeks after the vaccine was injected .Which is true and known in the medical community that such side effect is present with this vaccination .Also this vaccine has been contraindicated in pregnant women’s and for the foetal ,thus leaving them with no answer against swine flu .

Would I try this Vaccine?

This is an important question that one would be asking .Before I answer here is the result taken from the poll in Canadian university where health care worker and other people where asked this same question .The participants were found reluctant to take the vaccine most of them citing "because of low perception of risk of infection early in a pandemic coupled with the many uncertainties that surround new vaccines and the emerging infectious disease."
Same where the result with poll and surveys taken in Hong Kong , another area which was though largely affected with SARS ,still people were reluctant to take the vaccine which was surprising for many .
The biggest worry for many has been the GBS issue... which is caused as an side effect, but then are there any vaccines with no side effects ?And the percentage is just 1 in Million .Then why not take the risk to be prevented by swine flu which has been affected in more numbers than the actual issue of GBS as an side effect to the vaccine.
Another mind argues as I write this… why is this vaccine necessary for me. If I follow all the rules of prevention of swine flu which are mentioned in Ayurveda and other known why should I worry then .
The answer is in your court .Please decide it wisely ... I am here just to give you the glimpse of the debate that is ongoing with that vaccine.
Also feel free to take some moments to take this poll which has been set to decide if one would take this vaccine or no ? More on polls .

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Monday, September 28, 2009


Thunder bolt pose /Diamond pose /Adamantine pose

After doing the basic sitting position, we now move to some difficult sitting positions to meditate or sit on. Though for some people have seen that this position is simple... Still I completely understand the difficulty doer's face while actually doing this asana .In today’s post we would see the asana called as "Vajrasna ". Also known as Thunderbolt pose or Diamond pose or Adamantine pose .
The word Vajrasana can be easily understood if we divide it into smaller words."Va" means to move, “Ra" means radiant.Which means in this posture the blood flow /energy /prana /chi is directed all over the body to create radiant effect .
Vajra also means thunderbolt or lightning. Adamantine pose is another name use for this position. Adamantine is the word which I felt in love when I read it for the first time.It means the hardness or lustre of a diamond. Yes this asana has the hardness thus called Adamantine pose.

How to do it?

1] Start the position as we start all the sitting position. Both legs straight, back straight, face stiff, looking in front of the nose.
2] Fold the right leg in the knee joint and bring the lower limb below the thigh. Keep the right heel below the right buttock.
3] The fold the left leg in left knee joint bringing it in the same way below the left buttocks.
4] Make sure one places the right big toe above the left big toe in a cross.
5] When in position breathe in and out slow and steady. If possible concentrate on the breathing rather than anything else.
6] Keep this position at least for one minute in the beginning slowly increasing it to more than 5 min or even more?
7] Coming out of this position make sure one come out slowly, same way as we went in the position. Left leg and then the right leg.


1] To start with one may notice pain in the knees or thighs or even the ankles. It is advisable to do some standing position before this sitting asana. This might reduce the pain on the legs.
2] Ankle pain is common and only practice can help it practice till one get perfect.
3] Make sure one keep the spine straight is very important to get maximum benefit in this position.
4] If possible work also on the anal sphincter can give added benefits .


1] A good position for meditation for those people who cannot sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana .
2] Enhance blood flow /prana or chi to all parts of the body.
3] Assist digestion
4] Get rids of flatulence.
5] Strengthen the muscles, nerves in the lower extremity.
6] Good asana for sciatica.

Chakra effect:

This asana has its effects on "Svadhistana Chakra" .

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Increased Vatta Dosha : Signs and symptoms

For the last 3 weeks we have been in the process of understanding about different doshas and what they do, where they work in our body. Starting today we would be presenting in detail how to understand if one of the dosha has been increased or decreased. Due to many reasons known unknown doshas have tendency to change or fluctuate .This fluctuation brings change of its properties, which normally define a dosha . With properties shuffled one may notice some signs or symptoms which one can observe. From today's post we would try to look in detail those signs and symptoms which would tell us about the changes happening in our doshas .

Increased Vatta Dosha :

Increased Vatta dosha means increase in its properties, increase of those properties in the areas where vatta dosha stays and work like the thighs skin etc. Thus one would see all the signs and symptoms around those important places where vatta dosha works in our body.

Here are few signs /symptoms that one would observe with increase Vatta Dosha .

1] "Karshya ":
Due to increase Ruksha and Lagu properties of Vatta dosha , one would be seen Karshya or being thin ... or one would say weight loss as one of the signs . It might be weight loss of overall body or just even a small structure as thinning of the legs or thighs.

2] "Karshynaya ":
Vatta dosha has its dominance in our skin and thus the skin has to be affected first with even a slight increase of Vatta dosha . Blackness or blackening of the skin around a particular area could be seen with increase vatta dosha also called in Sanskrit as "Karshyanya ".

3] "Kampa" :
Another important sign one would see with increased Vatta dosha is tremors. Remember when we are sick, or fasting for a long time we shake a little bit especially our fingers our hands or legs. Those same shakes or tremors are sign of increase vatta dosha too.

4] "Ushna Kamitva" :
When Vatta dosha increase, it means increase in all the properties that represent vatta dosha.One of the properties is"Sheet" or feeling cold... Thus increase in this property one would tend to feel a need for warm food, clothes all the time .This tendency is called as "Usna Kamitva".

5] "Anaha":
Bloating is also commonly seen when one has increased Vatta dosha .

6] "Shakrudhgraha" :
One of the functioning of Vatta dosha is moment, being affected here in increased vatta dosha one would see intestine moments increased which might create nuisance in regular bowel moments. "Shakrudhgarha "or constipation can be also a sign of Vatta increased simply because of this changes .

7] "Nidranasha" :
"Nidranasha" or reduce sleep can be seen with increased Vatta dosha .This is all because of increased thoughts processing that happens during such increase thus one may not easily get his or her sleep .
Lately this has been seen the most common cause of insomnia .

8] "Pralap" :
One important but advance sign that is seen with increased vatta dosha is that of irreverent talk that one does. Many times one would have seen people walking on a subway and chatting with one self... They are engrossed in their own thoughts, also sometimes you would notice sometimes people chatting with you and going from one subject to another subject with no reference. All such small things are said to be a sign of Vatta Dosha increase.

Many of this signs are just a way of warning to us that something might go wrong in our body sooner or later thus one should be careful and try to read those signs as quickly as possible .The idea behind writing this article is just to create an awareness with readers about those signs to help oneself in understanding our body more in detail.
Next week we would spend time on Pitta dosha .

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to do Apple Fast {Ayurvedic style }

Few years ago when I arrived in Canada, I was over warmed by the apples grown here in Northumberland county. I was lucky to have a place right next to an orchid for a while , thus enjoying the finest apples for the season . Soon I was wondering for the medical properties of those apples and how can I use it in my in healing my clients when I found of this detox style mentioned in "Handbook for Health" by Edgar Cayce .Give it a try I thought was my reaction which was soon proved to be helpful .

Normally here is the way how an apples fast is done and said in many books and sites .Eat light at night before the actual day of the fast .For the next 4 to 5 days just eat as many apples as you can the whole day. Drink plenty of water or apple juice during the fast. Then some finish the fast by having a little bit of Epsom salt or Castor oil to end the whole fast.
What can I say; Ayurveda and its principles in me do not go so easily, thus I tried to modify some of the way this fast is done for my client and yes for sure results are the same .Here is how I tell my clients to do this apple fast .

Apple fast :

1] Eat light for the day before the actual fast, eat vegetarian if possible rather than meat or egg products.
2] One the actual days of the fast eat fresh apples whenever you are hungry or thirsty.
3] One can have warm water or fresh apple juice not concentrated.
4] No tea or coffee or any other liquids the whole day.
5] Look out for headaches or gassy stomach or even loose motion. They are common... Eat apple or drink warm water to reduce the trouble .
6] Resist the temptation to eat or drink something different .
7] By night many clients have said to have at least one bowel moment, if not one might try having Castor oil or flax seed oil

Duration of the fast: One day or may be two days not more than that.
Timing: During fresh apple season, choose apples which are grown near your place of stay rather than some where far.
Results: Lightness, energetic, increase of appetite
Who should not do this fast: Pregnant, old , week , children’s should avoid doing this fast .

Warning: Only done under expert guidance of your own herbologist or naturopath or Vaidya .

Benefits of apple fast ?

Apples have been known in Ayurveda as good for health in general.
Apple fast are recommended by many naturopath for gallstones and liver detox . Many internet sites have shown results with apples fast in removing gallstones.
As an common man with no health issues this fast would help one to clean the liver and increase appetite. Also one would see lightness and feel more energetic .

Side effect:
No known side effects are known with this fast under than loose motion during the fast which is like a reaction rather than side effects. Headaches are also due to the fast and vanish as soon as the fast are done.

To come out of the fast make sure you eat light for the next fruits, vegetables, or khicadhi.

When you can find some nice fresh apples in farmer market for your health of your liver and gallbladder why do not one try this simple fast just for one day. In Canada and some parts of United states this is the season for it ... I know I am doing it... what about you !!!!

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Monday, September 21, 2009


Lotus Position

After starting our sitting positions and as we get used to Siddhaasna one more asana advances that in all ways .It is the master of asana for meditation and for general use .Though hard to see it can be the most comfortable position to sit and relax ... ohh forgot after much practise before it is still a pain.
"Padmasana" or "Lotus Position" ,"Padma " means Lotus in Sanskrit and its name because of the special formation of the legs one take when sitting in this position .

How to do it?

1] Sit on the floor with straight legs in front.
2] Bend your right leg at knee joint and holding the right foot with hand bring it on your left thigh, so the right heel is near the navel.
3] Bend the left leg at knee joint and hold the left foot and bring it over the right at the root. The soles of both the feet should be facing up.
4] Keep the spine straight in this position, arms outstretched left arm on left knee and right arm on right knee.
5] You can change the leg position both ways...


I know it is hard to take this position as it requires practice. Start with Siddhasana and then go on to work on this position.
Secondly your knees are going to have pain sooner or later.. .This pain only goes with practise and perseverance.

Effects :

One of the basic asana considered for relaxation.
One of the important asana recommended for meditation.
One of the asana used by spiritual gurus for kundalini practice.
Physically good for knee stiffness , ankle stiffness ,circulating blood to lumber region

Chakra effect:

You name the chakra and work on it. This asana would show magic on it .
But to be more specific works magic with muldhara , svadhisthana , manipur chakara .

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Understanding Tridosha : Kapha Dosha

Today we come to the last dosha of the series of Understanding the Tridosha.Last two weeks we had seen Vayu or Vatta and Pitta dosha.Today we would try to discuss the third dosha namely "Kapha dosha" .
To stick, to be sticky are some of the meanings of the word "Sleshma" which also means “Kapaha” in Sanskrit. Thus just from the word one could think what kind of work this dosha could have been doing in our body. The panachamahabhoot that makes this dosha are Jal or water and Pruthvi or earth.

Understanding this dosha is best known by understanding first its properties, what makes this doshas to work in our body in this sticky nature, then we would look for its actions.What work does it do in the body?

Properties of Kapha dosha :

First and important property of kapha that is its been moist or snigdha... well it has water as one of the panchamahbhoot what else we can think of right .It is also cool or sheet in action, Guru or heavy... definitely the heaviest of all the three dosha .kapha dosha is also slow in action or mandha , slakshan or again moist or slimy and lastly they are stir or immovable in one way or so.Each of this properties of a dosha governs the working of our body and also troubles it too .
Action of Kapha dosha :

1] Fusion:
The first and foremost action that kapha dosha do is the action of keeping the unions of different molecules in our body. Our whole body is joint with molecules and cells with each other skin to layers of dermis and stuff, the bones are attach to ligaments. To hold all this you need something strong and immovable in one way or so... which kapha dosha gives to the body .
2] Reduce friction:
If molecules are in union or in bond, cells are attached with every small move there should be friction between each part of the body. And this friction is what has to be worked with help of something slimy or moist like the kapha dosha .Another important work being of reducing the friction.
3] Healing action:
Every day thousands and thousands of cell die and to fill this gap new cells have to formed and heal the gap and this is the work which the kapha dosha do in our body.
4] Strength:
Due to its heaviness or guru and stir or immovable nature this dosha has been also a dosha to give strength to the body in general.

Different types of Kapha in our body:

1] Kledhak kapha: This is the most important type which works in the stomach to work in the digestive process.
2]Awalambak Kapha :Present in the thorax region , its role is to work with the lungs and heart for its proper function.
3] Bodak Kapha: Situated in Tongue and oral mucosa, it has the role to help digestion in its basic stage.
4] Tarpak Kapha: The proper functioning of the brain in the skull and ease with which it functions is due to this kapaha .
5]Sleshak kapha :Situated in each joints of our body , providing the required lubrication to reduce friction between them.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall:The season of Change and Allergies !!

Fall has started here in North America, one of most wonderful and enjoyable season here in Canada .Leaves changing color, tress with various shades of green, yellow, orange are seen all over the landscapes .Even though nature enjoy this change and gets ready with coming winter season, many humans face some typical health issues during such seasons .Sinusitis, headache, teary eyes, runny nose all are some of the common symptoms of such allergic reaction due to the change of weather.

I was very new to such conditions when I landed in Canada, never faced this issue in India. Though I know that India being more polluted definitely more than here .In my first few years of practice, I slowly tried to introduce this small treatment which gave me the maximum result not so much during the attack ,but sure if used for prevention of the condition . The treatment is called as "Nasya”.

To administer drugs many different ways are used for the benefit of human being. Each one of the way is unique in its own way. Nose has been used as a way to administer herbs and medicine in medical system since long time. Ayurveda has been using this method and such procedures has been called as Nasya .Today we would not talk on Nasya in detail , we would speak about how we can prevent our seasonal allergies by this procedure .

Normally what I recommend for people who know that they would face this condition is to take some small drops of herbal oil under proper advice from your Naturopath or Vaidya or Herbologist and just add one or two drops in each nostril .Every day in the morning just before going out from your house . To understand how it works we should understand what happens with our human body during the fall.

During the season of the fall, the weather changes suddenly from warm summer to cooler temperatures .Many places would also see some windy climate in the fall. This summer was less summer and rainier here in Ontario. Which means the ground is the still wet with rain in many places .This has also allowed many types of grass to grow, ragweed to grow and different sorts of fungus around the area. The falling leaves, pollens and all types of organic material fills the air especially when it is windy ,that’s when we suddenly start facing this issues as we breathe in those allergens .. This change is hard on our nasal mucosa which thus reacts with extra secretion of mucosa to protect out body from inhaling such pollen and stuff. Starting all the symptoms one after another. In nasya when we add the drops of oil in our nostril, a thin layer of slimy oil coats the mucosa and thus the actual reaction of the nasal mucosa and the pollens is reduced, thus increase mucosa formation is reduced, and still do not forget you still do not breathe those pollens as the oil keeps the pollens from breathing in.

Thus Nasya seems easy to work more in preventing the actual allergic reaction rather than in acute phases... where it might not be able to work easily .Try it and see.

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Note from the author : If anyone from North America would like to have such nasal drops, please email me , I would be glad to provide it any one for a small amount in exchange {postage extra }

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Monday, September 14, 2009


We now start some exercise in sitting position. Starting with the very basic position Which one would sit normally .Though simple, still could be very tricky for many and Sometimes would ask for patience and practice for some of doer's for a long time.
"Siddha" means semi divine being or a person of great purity or supernatural quality.It also means inspired sage or prophet. Now your thoughts would be yes it such simple Position, even then why the name Siddhaasana or referring to a spiritual personality or seer or something.The name is in the position, as I said when doing this position; many would face some stiff resistance from the body, for being in the position and also keeping this position. May be after doing it yourself, it would be clear why it being Siddhaasana .

How to Do it?

1] Sit on the floor with both legs straight in front of you.
2] Now bend your left leg in the knees and bring the left foot near your right thigh.
Your left heal would be touching the perineum a little bit.
3] Bending your right leg now in the knee we bring it in such way that the right foot is placed on top of left angle , keeping the heal of the right leg against the public bone .
4] Keep your spine straight.
5] For your arms stretch them and keep the palms facing upward on the knees. With the thumb
Joining the forefingers and the other finger extended.
6] Hold this position for at least 2 to 3 min to start with.


1] Tip of your nose, spine, belly button, and your anus all should be in straight line, if we try to draw an imaginary line connecting all of them
2] Yes the lower back or the upper back would start being in trouble, but well that’s
What we need to achieve... to keep the position.
3] If needed concentrate on your breathe or tip of nose when we are in this position.
4] Personally I like to work on some chakras during this position and just concentrate on any chakras that I feel like working on.


This position being the most common position that an Indian would sit, the effect can be seen when it is done for a complete new person who has never done it. It is really good for keeping good posture in the first place.
Works magic in stiffness of the thighs, knee and other muscles around that area
Healthy asana for all the ligaments of the pubic area.
Increases blood circulation towards all that area affected, including lower abdominal.

Chakra effect:
This asana works good for
Svadhisthana chakra .

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Understanding Tridosha : Pitta Dosha

Pitta Dosha

Last week we have seen about Vatta or Vayu Dosha. The master, the doer of all the three doshas.Today we would see another one out of the three, namely Pitta Dosha. If Vatta is known for its constant movement, change, this dosha has been known for its capacity to form new things. When two or more things come together, always there has to be a reaction ... this reaction is due to the action of Pitta Dosha ... which then creates some results , may be good , may be bad or neutral .. But it is this Pitta dosha which works here.

The word "Pitta" in Sanskrit is defined as word where heat is shown ,it can be said as "Tapa Santape"in sanskrit . For every creation there is a need to union of two or more molecules and here is the role of Pitta to mix them. According to the Theory of Panchamahabhoot Pitta is a union of vayu or air and agni or fire panachamahbhoot .

Properties of Pitta:

Pitta again as a dosha cannot be seen, but it can be felt due to its many properties that are shown on our body.They can be shown either in form of its action or some of the qualities some of our body parts show some times when are in the presence of Pitta dosha.

Heat or "Usna " is normally the first property of the pitta dosha ,followed by "Tikshna"or sharp .To mix things you need the sharpness to penetrate the substance and then react .It is this nature of heat and sharpness that works here .Pitta dosha also is Light or lagu, but compared to vayu it is heavier ."Visra" or smelly, it has a weird foul odour which can be seen when certain individuals have increase Pitta dosha easily either to their urine or sweat or bowel moment .It can be also "Sara " or quick , "drava" or liquid in nature and "Sasneha" or oily a little bit .

Functions of Pitta dosha :

After seeing the properties we should have a small idea of what is the role of this dosha in our body.

First and foremost digestion and metabolism of food that we eat is done by Pitta dosha. Not only that the heat that is created by this digestion is helpful in maintaining the temperature of the body. Again that is been done by Pitta .The feeling of being hungry and thirsty is the role of Pitta dosha .

The sense organ eyes are controlled by Pitta dosha thus , the important aspect of seeing is said to be the role of Pitta .The coloration of our body has to be done by the pitta in our body too. Memory , courage and such qualities are controlled by Pitta dosha .

Different categories of Pitta dosha :

1] Pachak Pitta : Work in the abdomen , helping the process of digestion .

2] Ranjak Pitta : Works in liver ,spleen and stomach area .

3]Sadak Pitta : Works in and around the heart .

4] Alochak Pitta : works in the eyes to help us to see..

5] Bhrajak Pitta: Works in the skin and help us to maintain the temperature and texture of the skin

That all about Pitta dosha , I will be back on the next friday with the last dosha namely Kapha dosha . Till then if you have any question give me a shout .

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Travelling on long distance flight !! Health Tips

As I finish this post, I am just about to reach Mumbai, 18 hrs flights from Toronto -Brussels – Mumbai. I have been flying this route and couple others at least 4 to 5 times in the last 3 to 4 yrs.It’s a very different lifestyle that one need to follow to be relaxed and successful for such long distance flight. Here are few tips and health plans that I always try to follow during such long hauls.

Before actual flying:

1] Sleep:
The night before your journey, it is very important to sleep very well, just to make sure you are well rested for the actual flight .Such flights can be hectic physically and mentally to.

2] Diet:
As it holds true to sleep, it holds true to even diet. Eat moderate, healthy avoiding junk. You do not need such flights to be full with moments of embarrassment, gurgles. Also drink less caffeine, alcohols before the actual flight {holds true even at airport }

3] Dress properly:
I have a nice beautiful young lady sitting next to me, dress very nicely, but have one issue she was not all ready for the cold conditions in the actual flight. India being hot currently she tried to dress in summer clothing’s .Wear clothes not according to season , places you are visiting wear them just to make sure they are warm .{ small sheets are given in many flights ,does not addressee the cold effect}.Stocking or socks are important as the make you comfortable too .

4] Motion sickness:
If you have a history of motion sicknesses no need to worry and do not pack too many pills. Not needed, neither is the requirement of sleeping pills. Before leaving your house take some ginger tea and also take some ginger powder with you on carry on luggage .As soon you feel uneasy in flights , ask your air hostess or steward some warm water and mix that ginger powdered in it too make a nice tea ... You would have no issues ...

Actual flight:

1] Protect your ears:
If you are sensitive to pressure especially pregnant women, sick people , kids should always have small ear plugs in there ear to protect from changing air pressure .It is must to have them all the time , never know when the pressure changes .

2] Move, Move, Move:
Economy class Syndrome or deep vein thrombus has been troubling many travellers during such long distance flight. Its nature of cramped setting arrangement, less air, no movements makes a person suffer from it. The answer is as simple as difficult is the issue .Move move move ... yes just move your body every 2 hours .Each joint has to be moved every 2 hrs .You can walk on the aisle , go to washroom and move all joints whichever suits you .. Lastly if you are ok always check yourself on the aisle seat, so half the time your legs could be outstretched.

3] Drink water, not alcohols or caffeine:
Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohols. Both of this makes your dehydrated easily in long flights You need hydration rather than the opposite. So drink water as many times as you feel and yes feel free to ask it too.

4] Free food:
Yes your tickets includes the cost of it , but that does not means you have to finish it. First of all you are hardly wasting any calories, just sitting there would not make you hungry all the time. So try to eat only as much is needed .

5] Stale air:
I am usually fine, but again many obese people, asthmatic, young kids might find this true. that the air can be stale or just less for oxygen. In such cases please be free to ask for help ... oxygen.The flight attendants would be glad to help you in such cases.

6] Jetlag issue /managing your time zones:
The last and the worst of all.... Jet lag has been complained by many avid travellers’ .Blamed or excuses I do not know .What I found is if you manage your time wisely in air, you hardly get it. Try this ...Say if you are flying from North America to Asia. It would be evening when you leave North America, Sleep immediate after meal , and then half way which means either you shift planes or just half way try to behave not according to the body cloak of NA but of Asia . So in half way the local timing of destination would be late afternoon. Do not sleep then... make sure you remain awake all the time from that onwards as you would be reaching Asia around midnight Ready for bed that time.

So what do you think? Any tips or query you have please join the debate and let others know too. What are the strategies that you adopt for such long distance flights .Let us know and enjoy our flights?

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Utthita Parsvakonasana

Warrior pose -3

So folks how are we doing up till now. How good is your warrior pose 1 and 2 ... Today asana that we are going to see though has a different name some people call it the extended form of warrior pose -2 actually . And to tell you the truth it is the extended form of warrior pose- 2. Its name is “Utthita Parsavakonasana” .
"Parsva" means Side or flank."Kona "means angle .Another way to define is to call it External lateral angle pose.

How to do it ?

Start with the same way one would do Virbhadrasna -2 and then we have some changes in it.

1] "Samasthiti" would be the pose we start any standing exercise.
2] Taking a deep breath we slowly bring our right leg apart from our left leg at least 4 feet’s from each other and with extended arms.
3] Turn our right foot to the side and also a little bit of the left foot .So is our face looking towards the right side.
4] Slowly bend it right knee so that the thigh is parallel to the floor, while it forms a right angle. Make sure the spine is still straight.
5] As you take this position your eyes are fixed on your right fingers stretched arms and bend knees.
6] Now slowly bring your right hand towards your right ankle and trying to touch the right palms to the floor near the right feet.
7] Stretch you left arm over your left ear, heads up.
8] Tighten all the muscles of the body .It’s very important that the chest, hips, legs should be in line. Feel the spine being stretched, and pulled.
9] Hold this position at least for 30 sec in the beginning and may go to 2 to 3 min after lots of practice.
10] Continue the exercise the same way on the other side too.


Same as Virbhadhrasana-2 ...
Make sure you are stiff and concentration is fine to have an excellent balance .


1] Tones ankles, knees, thigh.
2] Correct defects in calves and thighs.
3] Reduces fats around waist and hips.
4] Increases peristaltic action, and aids elimination.

Chakra effect :

This asana works on the Muladhara Chakara or the Base Chakra.

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