Friday, August 28, 2009

Why should I Fast Today ?

Yesterday we had a big send off to one of my friends... thus it was a late night party after office hours. Parties likes this always bothers me, it not for the actual moment .It is the after effect that always takes a crazy turn. We are humans and thus tend to indulge in certain foods which are exotic, junk or just too rich normally not that good for your stomach .This leads to some crazy moments after wards. I always think how can I indulge and enjoy .Here is how I do it.
"Fast” simple ... I fast the next day of such crazy times. It works and it has help...wait, wait... I am not speaking of crazy fasting ... I am speaking of simple fasting. I just eat light meal of vegetables and rice and some dal or lentils for lunch and just drink lots of hot water during the day. And it helps. Why should I do this here are my 5 reasons why it is good in this situation.

1] To Rest my stomach:

First and foremost why too fast... isn’t it necessary that you rest your stomach ...well we work every day , and then rest in the night then why cannot we give that rest for our digestive system too . It has been working every day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Right then the best way you can think of resting that stomach is to fast or at least eat only may be one meal out of three. Parties like yesterday definitely work badly on our stomach, well to keep your stomach healthy give small rest to it by fasting.

2] Old junk removal:

Your mom has not cooked for a day, what we are going to do, look in to the fridge may be clean the fridge with what is left over right. Well yesterday I ate a lot of junk food or food which I was suppose to not to eat or not in extra ordinary portion... well what to do then to digest this food simple fast .What happens then is easy to understand our body looking for energy would start looking for food and then digest all the extra food that is stored in our intestine in due course of time thus its like looking for reserve food around right.

3] Toxic waste removal system:

Last night junk is definitely what I would like to eat every day; I know it .It just for the temptation that I do feel that I should indulge in. Yes but if I did a mistake, I should also know how to solve it right and take the responsibility. That all junk in body by now would have created a lot of toxin and what is the best way to do remove it. You got it right fasting. As discussed before that if we fast our body is going to search for food right ... and not just in our abdomen , it would search for whatever it has all over even in our small cells . Thus all those toxic waste which is settled in our smallest area of the body.

4] Energies our self:

Defiantly now I feel lethargic as hell, I am tired, thought slept well, I am feeling my muscles are paining. All here are the signs of undigested food because of yesterday's indulgence. But what is fasting going to do to all this.
Because of the earlier discuss properties of digesting all the waste products even at the cellular level. I am sure I am going to feel different. Lightness is what i am searching to be frank. I need to feel light, with lots of energy and yes Fasting is going to give me that for sure. It’s the feeling of emptiness that would make me happy and vigorous again.

5] To eat more junk some times later :

We are humans accept it, and its human to err.... So yes once in a while we are going to indulge in fast food or junk or something wrong.We could not be a robot just eating the same blend food all the time and yes we are and we should intake some bad food from time to time to let our immune system also understand the difference between bad and good . And we do what is the best way to throw it , you go it Fasting what else ,would help me .

Note of caution :
1] Fasting is not recommended everyday of one's life.
2] Please have a talk with your doctor or Naturopath or Vaidya before going on any health fasting .
3] This are just my thoughts what I intend to do , does not mean would apply for all and help them .At your own risk

Posted by Sudeep

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4 comments: on "Why should I Fast Today ?"

Kaizan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vdsudeep said...

Hello Kaizan ,
Thanks for the wonderful comments and I am glad that you discovered the power of fasting .
I hope so you enjoy it more and more to enjoy your life .

Nazim Khimani said...

Great post! I think I may fast sometime soon now.

-Nazim Khimani

vdsudeep said...

Sure Nazim you should fast and try and let us know too how you felt ....

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