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The Warrior Pose -1

Asanas have been named by different way... some by the position it reflects in real life, some by its moods. Today‘s position and the next week asana are more likely to be known because of the mood’s to name it. "The Warrior's Pose " or "Virbhadrasana " has been named due to its mood of the position taken rather than anything else .
In mythology Lord Shiva to fight against the evil omens gave birth from his lock of hairs to hero named "Virbhadra " who with his ferocious army destroyed the demons .With very few variation warrior pose is done two ways .Today we would discuss the first way and next week the other part. Both this asana are dedicated to him for his strength.

How to do this position:

1] Start in “Samasthiti”
2] Inhale in and slowly lift both your arms up , palms touching to each other. They should be place in such a way that the ears are touching on the inner sides of the arms .
3] Exhale out and wait for a moment or two.
4] Inhale again and then and keep your right leg side way to the right side. Turn your torso facing the right side now while exhaling.
5] Now slowly flex the right knee till the right thigh is parallel to the floor.
6] Stretch the left leg and tighten the left knee.
7] Extend your neck a little bit on the back.
8] Checking your position now, neck extended backward. Arms up, face looking towards the finger tips ,spine straight , one leg flexed , other knee joint tighten.
9] Hold the pose for some time with inhalation and exhalation going on.
10] Repeat it for the other side too now.

Word of Caution:

This pose is not for weak heart person, so people who have blood pressure, heart problem, pregnant women and young kids can skip this position all together.
Be comfortable with the flexing of the knee joint .Would not happen on the first shot , so relax and slow and slow work on the position and you will get it right .
Do not forget to breathe in and out when you are in the final position. And be comfortable....


The first time I tried this position, I said wohh what a nice stretch on my back feels good .
It really works magic in removing the stiffness of our back, shoulders and the neck .
Works on the inner thighs, in a way reducing the fats around that area.
Lastly works on increasing the lung capacity and the depth of our breath with that extension of our lungs we breathe in extra in this position .

Effects on Chakra:

This asana works on the Muladhara Chakara or the Base Chakra.

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