Monday, August 17, 2009

Utthita Trikonasana

Triangle pose

After the forward bend I normally like to stretch some of my muscles more , and to achieve
this would love to do this position . A great stretch for sure has been one thing that I love but could
not hold it for a long time .This position is called as "Uttita Trikonasan" "Uttita" means extended and "trikonasan" means Triangle pose.

How to do it ?

1] Stand in Samasthi first ...
2] Keep your right foot on the side .Turn your rt foot 90 degree and then
3] Extend your arms and with a deep breathe ,bend your trunk towards the right side so that the rt arm can go behind your rt foot .
4] Your rt arms is behind your rt foot , left arm is straight in air , ,eyes looking towards your
left hand fingers which are pointing to the sky .
5] Breathe in and out ,if possible hold this position for some time
6] Slowly come back in extended arm position with an exhale and then do the same thing on
the opposite side .


1]Make sure none of your knee bend in this position .
2] Keep your arms straight .. and a little bit stiff .. we should be in control of our body
so no loose left arm .
3] The eyes facing the left hand fingers makes your neck a little twisted .. again be careful
with that as if done in quickness can be troublesome.

Effects :

1] Toning the leg muscle .
2] Removes stiffness in legs , hips .
3] Relives backaches , neck sprain
4] For kids who do it in developing age helps them to develop chest , ankles , corrects any deformity in the legs too.

Chakra effect :

This asana works on the Muladhara Chakara or the Base Chakara .

Posted by Sudeep

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