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Tadasana Or Moutain Pose


Every class of yoga I normally start with begins with this simple position , which

SamasthitiImage by ojoqtv via Flickr

though so simple can be so complicated in many individuals.
"Tada " means Mountain .. like a mountain ...., Hence forth you might be aware it means like a mountain we stand straight , erect , no bends , no folds,
no easiness at all .
The word "Sama" means upright straight while "sthiti" means stage or position .This position is also called as "Samasthiti" because of its nature of being standing straight.
This is also the position to begin all the other standing position .

How to do this position :

The asana is done standing erect , while taking care of the following small things .

1] Both the feet together , ankles of each feet touching each other .
2]Knees pulled up or locked , if possible the inner margins of knees touching each other .
3] Hip joint relaxed .
4] Spine erect as much as po
ssible .. to keep the chest forward a little bit , and so the abdomen in its position.
5] Both the hands apart from our body , try not to touch them to our bod for some time .
6] Face calm and relaxed , neck straight , eyes open for beginners , but can be closed for those
who have been doing this position for a long time .
7] Care to be taken that our body wt being equally balanced on our feet .

Effects :

This asana is not meant to show any immediate effects but sure in the long run would work on one's spine for sure. Postural issues can be worked with this position. Back pain or lower back pain can be reduced if we keep on working this position .
Again work on being one with the body and mind when you do this position and see ....

Chakara :

This asana works on the Muladhara Chakara or the Base Chakara .

Thoughts :

For a quick moment get up from your chair or coach .. and stand erect ..Just check how
we stand . 50% of us if not aware stand on one leg ... keeping all body wt on one side
though we are actually standing on both the legs. With the help of this position we try to
stand equally balanced on both the feet .If you go further you might even try to meditate
in this position for some time try it .


Many beginners adopt the position in

TadasanaImage by jamiemariekoonce via Flickr

a fashion that they can keep there legs apart and stand
and then be still comfortable .Some yoga class adopt that strategy which is fine for beginner 's but what I notice is many people just love to take this as an excuse of not doing it properly. Try it for some time .. see how you feel and then if you are uncomfortable then try it with some open legs. How is your body going to know that this is the position to take , if
you keep on taking small excuses like this .

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