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Swine Flu and Ayurveda : Indian Perspective

After all Swine flu or H1N1 virus ended up coming to India. In the last two days suddenly this blog saw sudden advent of visitors from India searching for more information on this issue. Also searching were those eyes for some ways to protect and if possible for some remedies . Being an Indian I could not hold myself from not writing any thing again on the same topic .
I would like to thank all you ended up stumbling on my blog with the search for Swine flu and Ayurveda . Please take a moment and also see this two essays on this conditions .One how to prevent swine flu and another about treating Swine flu . Both I must said have not tried on actual clients,but these are just theories and am sure that with my faith in Ayurveda would help each one of you .
But today this post is about some more things more nearer to the Indian way of behaving , acting in such situations. Some thing which are very Indian ,I call them . Let's discuss that ,sorry if you are from other country bear with me for today's post .
When it comes to Health a typical average Indian which I normally see behaves in either of these four ways .Some underestimate the diseases and just keep on working , some if unhealthy would just try to some home medicine /grandmother's herbs{ajibai batwa} ,others would visit doctors and would take medicine irregularly and last type very cautious type .even a sneeze would make them run to super consultant. In this today's condition my appeal to all people is yes you must visit your family doctors and follow them sincerely Must must must .....
Here are top tips that I think are useful to you all in this situation

1] Personal Hygiene :

Come on we can do well .... I know its crazy out there bus , trains jam packed and me telling you to follow personal hygiene ... yes though bizarre must must must be followed. Please follow all the rules of personal hygiene not just you , but also make sure others follow it too in the current situation.
Washing Hands , no spitting in public area,wearing mask , having a handkerchief so and so .

2] Boost your Immune system :

Read my post on prevention of Swine flu where I have written about boosting the immune system . More to add is simple have a nice warm oil application on the body before shower .. as we do before Diwali .. same thing .It might help you big time. Young kids /pregnant women/old people /sick due to any conditions boost the immune system by asking your doctor if its ok to have Chavanprash and medicines like that .

3] Do not underestimate simple cold/flu or diarrhea :

As said before many people would just take it on with out medication or self medication for such simple issues . But epidemic like this we need you to be extra careful and have a visit to your family doctor or hospitals for check up .Never underestimate your enemies !!

4] Do not panic :

Yes and then we have those software geeks who are extra cautious for them please do not panic. Its OK and nothing is going to be wrong. The more you panic the more its likely to make mistakes with your and others health . Just make sure you follow your doctor's advice and take proper medication and Yes Have faith in your Doctor .

5] Take a Second Opinion :

Luckily the Indian government is quiet friendly on that line . Do not just follow your family physician , if in a near by area you know a nice ayurvedic doctor or Vaidya or Homeopath nothing wrong in visiting him too. Ask for their opinion for medication .It depends later if you want to act as what they say , but its better to take some different advice in such circumstances.

6] If you believe follow it then:

Your faith is utmost require to cure you .If you think your family doctor is right and you would be cured so it be . If you believe that the ayurvedic physicians concepts can be also followed , then do that . You can do both together if you think so . But Have Faith in what you do .

7] Yajna /Agnihotra :

Many people in India end up also looking in spiritual practices and their answers lies in Yajna or Agnihotra . A well known practise since the ancient civilization in India . Both of them are known to have effect of purification of the air around you and your house so do it .
Societies/Communities/Groups can hold yajna in their locality , each family can do their own Agnihotra every day morning evening . Dhoop /Guggulu /Camphor have properties to clean and destroy air borne viruses from air so why not try that .

8] Nasya {Nasal Drops } :

Cow's ghee or sesame seed oil applying it one or two drop in our nostril can work a lot in protecting you from Swine flu. As I said this are not tested , but the best can we do is to test such things during such crazy times .

9] Food /Spices to watch for :

Ginger ,Garlic, Onions, Chicken soup , lamb legs soup {payasoup} ,Tulsi ,Amalki {amala } Cow's ghee are some of the things too look for to boost your health and also if you are sick with any issues .

10} Faith :

Lastly this might be just media hoax let me tell you that. The whole H1N1 came too in United States , Mexico , Canada .. it came and it went just left a small empact and now it has been just spread . Same way it might be in India too , its bound to come and go too .Currently just few have been really affected in some area of Pune and so. So just have faith in your self that you are not the one to have any illness . The Power of Positive thinking would just help you in passing this test too .

If you have any questions regarding any more things please feel free to contact me bye email or in the comment section . Personal and quick attention approach would be my goal in dealing this issue .

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