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Snacks Not to Eat on Hot Summer Day's .

In the past few days I have noticed that many blogger giving us suggestion on what healthy snacks to eat during such crazy summer days. Well I was also one of those in which I did
about one article but as a guest post on my friends blog @Coolwired . This post was on what drinks one can have to quench their thirst during hot months . But what I found out recently that many blogs have been giving choices to munch which according to them are healthy , But do not go with the Ayurvedic or holistic lifestyle of eating . Neither does my common sense agree with the choices, forget the theory of Ayurveda here .

Here I have collected few items normally sa
id to be good as munchies , but not in this crazy warm season.

1] Eggs :

Please for god sake not eggs .. when I first read that,I was really not sure how to react . Now you would be wondering whats wrong in a egg as a good breakfast .. Well I have nothing against egg, actually I love eggs .. but still in summer months ..Eggs contain high amount of protein which we all know , they are also known for "usna virya"or heating in nature which meaning that after digestion of this , they would provide the body with heat. Simple common sense would tell us that we do not need those food groups which would increase body heat during summer time Right !! Also on a end note they also are low in water continent so what are your thoughts .

2] Almond and other Nuts:

Well certain foods just makes us more and more thirsty and the nut family comes in to that groups of food .Think about that and may be try it .. when we eat either peanut , cashew nut or almonds .. what happens .In few moments we feel our throat to be dry or a need to drink water a tremendous urge . So in summer when every one is already thirsty how can one eat those nuts as snacks .. Yes they are good source of protein and so and so .. so what ..
Lastly all the nuts family including almonds are also known as "usna virya" , heating as we discussed in regards to eggs . Does not fit in the order of nature properly what do you folks say here .

3] Frozen fruits :

I have read recently in one of the article to eat frozen berries during this hot summer season ..
H mm nice cooling ha an ... but friends why frozen berries . Summer the time when nature itself creates fresh nice different berries , strawberries , raspberry ,blueberry are currently abundant in Canada .Why to look towards frozen berries then ,I do not understand .
Another thought behind that suggestion is the thought that frozen food in general is such food that can decrease our appetite ,they have less prana or chi as some may say .
In summer already our appetite is low already because of heavy water consumption and then why to eat those food that would further deplete our hunger. Am I thinking right or is it just me .

4] White Bread :

Sandwich remains a very common snack.cum lunch for many individuals at least 5 days of a week. Due to its aroma bread do have a nice way to attract towards us and we do eat too ... What we do not know about bread especially white bread is that they have a nature to absorb a lot of water and thus makes us drink more and more water. Try it after a sandwich lunch , we tend to be more thirsty that unusual.Do not blame it for the weather folks .. Just try it and see.In summer yes we need to drink more water , but we do not need certain group of foods that would absorb and would need more water for them to digest them.So white bread and products made by white flour would be all that one should refrain from eating during summer time .

5] Salty food or snacks :

A huge number of our normal day to day snacks revolves around salt. Chips , popcorn , pizza bites , bacon and so and so ... .We tend to eat this more often when we are on vacations some times rather than when in our normal day to day life . Again we need to see how our body feels when we eat salty .. nice .. but again one tend to drink more water or tend to be more thirsty after eating salt .. and then we gulp down a glass of chill beer or pop ... Does not means that the water drunk helps in any way .. but of course .. when our body tries to loose a lot of sodium a small amount of salt from external world is good in diet . but not a lot in a way to make all our food completely full with sodium salt .. what do you think ..

Now I know what you are all thinking what are my choices to eat then in summer time ..Here is the list which Ayurveda would recommend in summer time for good health of all of us .
1] Fresh Fruits
2] Fresh vegetables like tomato's , salads, cucumber
3] Chicken , fish { not in excess at all}
4] Whole wheat bread , couscous , quinoa, kamut and other grains
5] Milk and milk products can be good snack too ..

I know its lot of against what you all are doing currently .Try it , experiment it , if you like it follow it.Do not follow blindly not even to what I say . Let me know .

Posted by Sudeep

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2 comments: on "Snacks Not to Eat on Hot Summer Day's ." said...

Gud one :)

Ching Ya said...

I was surprised to see Almond in it, but it makes sense though. Gosh, I'm going to have a hard time adhere to these rules since I'm such a snack-lover. ha.. well, maybe more to dessert. Thanks for the heads up! Stumbled!

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