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Forward Bend

After the "Samasthiti " I normally would like myself to go immediately in crazy position as some
say,but experience have taught me that this position works well to do. The position is called as
"Padangusthasana " or Forward Bend. "pad " in Sanskrit means Feet and "angusta" means toes. Thus this is one position where one catch hold of his Big Toe with help our fingers of our hand in a forward bending way.

How to do this position :

Many classes have different styles for doing this simple position . I personally mixes
of those in what I feel comfortable. From the style of Vanda Scaravelli from "Awakening the Spine" , I like her backward bend before the forward bend , From desikcar I like the opposites to do any asans .. which means its good to have this backward bend and then forward bend too ...

1] Keeping ourself in Samasthiti we start this asana .
2] Inhaling we slowly lift both our arms upward and then bend backward first slowly as much as we can.
3] Hold our breathe for a moment or two...
4] Slowly exhaling we bend forward and try to touch our palms and finger tips to our toes if possible.
5] Try to tuck the face in our knee joints so that our nose touches the knees.Beginners its good to be careful and not force yourself to achieve this position immediately . Takes time, patience and practice to attend this final stage .
6] Breathe in and out ... If we want we can hold our breathe , in either exhale mode or inhale mode ,you choose it .
7] Slowly inhaling lift our self up and then again going backward for a small backward bend life the arms up and then bring them again backward for a slight bend
8] The slowly exhaling out come back in the Samasthiti again .

Small change in this position are also done and named differently "Padhastasana " which can be advanced stage of the same asana where one would have the palms placed below the feet .
"Uttanasana " here the spine is given extra stretch where one would push more down and let both the palms be placed on the side of the feet with touching completely to the ground .

Caution :

1] Please make sure you are in Samasthiti which means your feet touching each other,ankles are close together,
knees interlock the whole position .
2] Try to bend the knee joint for making yourself comfortable to reach your Big toe...
You do not have attained that position on the first day .It will take time .. so be gentle and
see how it goes .
3] Be very gentle while doing any bends .
4] Nausea , vertigo , dizziness can affect certain individuals , its better to tell your yoga teacher
when you face that . Immediately not after the class or some thing .


For me any bending is to do with working with our inner ego. We notice its not that easy for some individuals to bend easily forget the body , just the head or neck ... If you need to work on your ego do some bending exercise it would wake us up. Many friends have asked me why such complicated asana so early in the class ? I feel this position helps a lot in opening lot of muscles and ligaments of our body,not only that it helps to increase our breathing or lung capacity .When I do this position after this my breathe has increase at least 5 to 10 sec deeper ..It just amazing to see that work .

Effects :

1] Breathing ... increases in lung capacity for sure .
2] Helps to increase the pressure to intestine, thus eases bowel moment .
3] Increases digestion and juices flowing to our stomach , intestine .
4] Increases the flow to our brain .. just feels wonderful after this .
5] If you are person who work a lot in standing position .. try this .. for a minute even when
we go for a washroom break .. feel the effect on our back .. Ohhh such a nice feel ... Try it

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