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Four Herbs for Those Few days of Women

From the the young age of twelve or even earlier, every woman, once a month will face some common symptoms of the menstruation cycle. Though the time frame is varied in different age groups, depending on the health of the woman. At some stage of her life each woman expresses some common complaints, either during, before or after the five days of the menstruation cycle. Though they differ in the time of occurrence, depending on age, they do still bother most women a lot .Recently when I spent some time on Yahoo Answers, questions related to woman's' health, especially menstrual conditions were asked at least 85% of the time. This article was thus created for young girls or women who need help in some sort of was during those crazy days.

Some of the common symptoms for women during, before, or after the menstrual cycle are as follow:

1] Nausea
2] Back pain
3] Headaches
4] Abdominal Cramps
5] Loose motion or constipation
6] Bloating
7] Loss of appetite
8] Mood Swings
9] Angry or snappy
10] Anxiety
11] Heavy menstrual cycle{ Niagara falls as some women's would call}
12] Clots in menstrual cycle
13] Weight Gain
14] Anxiety

Here are 4 herbs that can help in any of above conditions. If taken before after or even during the symptom they can favor a tremendous difference
from the perspective of any woman .

1] Turmeric
2] Ginger
3] Castor Oil
4] Evening Primrose Oil

1] Turmeric :

Known as a friend to any woman, turmeric has been regarded as the greatest treasure for women to have at any stage of life .In my last post we had thoroughly discussed in great detail. Recent medical researches have proved the power of turmeric to heal wounds and work on the blood system of our body . I guess that would be the reason since ages ago turmeric was used in many conditions of women's health issues . Heavy menstrual bleeding , pimples in young girls , clots in menstrual cycle , irregular menstrual flow ,would be the exact symptoms when
experts in Ayurvedic medicine would refer this herb . One pinch or even more for any woman in her diet, every day not just her days of the menstrual cycle, will prove to be very beneficial .

2] Ginger :

If turmeric has been known for its work on the blood system of our body , ginger has been for its work on the digestive system of our body. Many researchers across the world have proved how ginger can be useful as an antispasmodic agent .Thus providing excellent result during menstrual cramps. Ginger is also useful in the conditions: decrease of appetite, change in bowel movements( increase or decrease), nausea, and of course even low back pain. I have explained the makings of ginger in this here before. Just see it yourself . A cup or more of ginger tea for a women in those conditions would be great .. Ohh my wife vouches on that for sure she says ...

3] Castor Oil :

Known as a laxative, Castor oil has always been less appreciated for its other benefits which it can provide to us. Just apply warm Castor oil on your stomach and see the difference it can make with cramps during the menstrual cycle . The same is true with low back pain. Due to its muscle relaxant property Castor oil can work in for both conditions . The benefits of Castor oil can be seen even internally, especially with constipation { we all know that }, but also in amenorrhea , in actually starting the ovulation in young girls and bringing the menstrual cycle . Only under expert guidance please .

4] Evening Primrose Oil :

Morden herbalist vouch for this herb and its oil for any issue with the menstrual cycle. Bring yourself in front of any herbalist ,naturopath in western world and the first thing they will recommend is this herb or its oil .Although the FDA of American Government has not yet approved it use in menstrual conditions. It has been one of the seeds that native American women would take then and even now for any condition with regards to the menstrual cycle and
still interestingly enough the British Government has officially confirmed it as a drug to be used in conditions of menstrual issues all around Briton. Such is the fame of this herb all around the western world .My basic liking of this herb is in regards to its action on the moods anxiety, or snappy nature in women, which is what I like the most about it.

These four herbs in combination or individually should be in use with every woman having issues with her menstrual cycle,who would love those days
of her life as similar to other days of her life { CARE FREE }!

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2 comments: on "Four Herbs for Those Few days of Women"

Anupreeta said...

Hey Sudeep,

Thx a tone for sharing such a valuable information with all readers ......!

Its definitely going to help a lot to women who are facing problem during their menstrual cycle.... We can say in other way every woman is facing one or the other problem .....  so thanks for suggesting remedies/ explaining it....

Can u also suggest medicine/remedy for infection durring menstrual cycle....

Best regards,

Shefali said...


      This post is too gud. But what will be your suggestion for the girls who work in lot of stress or now a days lot of girls work in nit shifts.
        Can you please give some suggestion to them also.

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